Marathon mums raise thousands

FIFTEEN local marathon mums took part in an extraordinary fund-raising effort of extreme physical endurance this month to help raise more than $4280 for breast cancer support.

Several of the group (pictured left) ran a full 42km Olympic marathon, starting at 7.30am from beyond Bolgart and fnishing in bright sunshine at Newcastle Bridge in Toodyay at about 12.30pm on Sunday September 2.

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Councillors ignore huge petition

TOODYAY residents are on the warpath after six shire councillors ignored a 2000-signature petition (pictured left) and voted last month to raise rates by 2.2 per cent.

The increase was opposed by Toodyay’s three newest councillors who asked that their dissenting votes be formally recorded.
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‘Budget a mess, facing ratepayer mutiny’

Toodyay Shire President Brian Rayner (pictured left): “Rates rise equals cost of two packets of cigarettes.”

By Michael Sinclair-Jones
THE TOODYAY Shire Council has yet to explain to ratepayers why it needs to raise rates by 2.2 per cent after being told by staff in June that no increase was needed.

This year’s rates rise is more than double the increase in Perth’s cost of living and follows last year’s council decision to raise rates by 50 per cent for hundreds of rural residential property owners.

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Massed brigades ‘save’ Toodyay from catastrophic inferno

Hundreds of Toodyay homes and businesses were ‘saved’ in a simulated fire and emergency services exercise this month to test brigade readiness if a big fire in adjacent bushland threatened to destroy the town.

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Drone picture: Navigator Photografix.

Merrick legal cost audit leaves questions unanswered

Toodyay Shire CEO Stan Scott (pictured left) appointed “independent” auditor to examine legal costs and set terms of reference himself instead of it being done by shire audit committee.


THREE TOODYAY shire councillors have opposed a council decision to end any further inquiry into the loss of more than half a million dollars of ratepayers’ money on failed legal action against former shire CEO Graham Merrick and a former shire president.

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Minister intervenes in State plan to demolish Duke Street footbridge

STATE Transport Minister Rita Saffioti has intervened in last month’s shock decision to demolish the Duke Street footbridge (pictured left) over WA’s busy standard gauge rail freight link that cuts Toodyay in half.

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