Toodyay CEO gets Easter job deadline

State inquiry widens as investigators probe shire administration


By Michael Sinclair-Jones

SHIRE CEO Stan Scott (left) has been given until Easter to convince Toodyay councillors that he should keep his job.

The council is undergoing a formal State Government inquiry based on “reasonable suspicion” it breached local government laws and regulations in the past five years while Mr Scott has been shire CEO.

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Anzac trees saved by $200,000 State offer

TOODYAY’S two threatened Anzac Memorial Park trees (pictured left during a 2016 public protest against their destruction) on the corner of Clinton Street and Anzac Parade appear to have been saved by a State-funded upgrade to four of five dangerous corners on the town’s temporary heavy-haulage bypass.

The Toodyay Shire Council voted 7-0 last month to accept a Main Roads WA offer of up to $200,000 to widen the four corners to enable heavy trucks and trailers to pass safely.


Shire cover-up shields Rayner, Scott from censure for ‘appalling’ newsletter

Breach of conduct went unpunished because councillors not told

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

A FORMAL finding six months ago that Toodyay Shire President Brian Rayner (right) and CEO Stan Scott (above) breached the shire code of conduct by publishing “derogatory and improper” statements in a shire community newsletter was kept hidden from ratepayers and other councillors until last month.

The pair were not required to apologise or face any penalty because only the council can order such action – and councillors were not told the code had been breached.


Toodyay’s new swimming pool revamped

A revised layout (above) and redesigned pool and buildings for Toodyay’s new $11.8 million Sports and Recreation Precinct near Toodyay District High School.

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Shire wards to go, but anger over next elections

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

THE TOODYAY Shire Council has asked the State Government to abolish electoral wards for next October’s shire elections but angered some ratepayers by proposing that four of the shire’s nine councillors should not have to face the polls until 2021.

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Toodyay celebrates Australia Day

TOODYAY Shire Deputy President Therese Chitty (left) and Crs Paula Greenway and Bill Manning serve a free cooked breakfast of sausages and eggs in buttered buns for a big crowd at last month’s Australia Day celebrations in Duidgee Park.


Empty seats at annual shire electors’ meeting

Shire councillors and staff outnumbered electors at last month’s poorly attended annual general meeting in the Toodyay Memorial Hall.

The meeting was advertised two weeks earlier in the Avon Valley Advocate paid newspaper published in Northam, on the shire website and Facebook, and in the shire’s January Toodyay Community Newsletter.

No questions were asked, no general business was raised and the meeting lasted just five minutes.