Secret council backflip reverses CEO vote

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

A SECRET council vote behind closed doors has allowed Shire CEO Stan Scott to keep his highly paid job for another year instead of losing it when his contract expires next month.

The extraordinary backflip was described next day on ABC Perth Radio’s Breakfast program as “very strange, sudden and unusual” and comes in the middle of a formal State Government inquiry into the Shire of Toodyay.

Shire CEO Stan Scott (left), President Brian Rayner and Deputy President Therese Chitty discuss a confidential shire report during an adjournment in a debate behind closed doors about allowing Mr Scott to keep his job.

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Fibre Festival, Moondyne magic capture town spirit

Prosecutor Tom Findlay (above, centre) gives the thumbs down to Moondyne Joe (Jacob Robertson) as defence lawyer Tanya Stuart (left) tries keep her false moustache in place in an annual re-enactment in Stirling Terrace of the local bushranger’s Toodyay trial last month. Junior Mad Hatter winner Matthew (right) is thrilled with his prize at Toodyay’s annual Fibre Festival and fashion parade, and Moondyne Festival temperance women (below) roam the town’s main street  warning of the evils of alcohol .  


Rayner struggles on ABC Radio to explain CEO backflip

May 29 interview* by ABC Radio Perth Breakfast Show presenters Nadia Mitsopoulos and Russell Woolf (left) with Toodyay Shire President Brian Rayner the morning after the council’s surprise offer to re-employ CEO Stan Scott for another 12 months.

Russell: Well something very strange is going on at the Shire of Toodyay.


*Reproduced with ABC Radio Perth permission.

Quest to uncork winery cellar history

LOCALLY made colonial bricks marked with a unique ‘J–R’ recess or ‘frog’ indentation on their laying surface are being sought locally to help date an old cellar at Coorinja Winery, about 5km south of Toodyay.

Coorinja owner Michael Wood is keen to hear from anyone with other buildings made from similar bricks as his winery prepares to celebrate its centenary in August.

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Bell refuses to apologise for Facebook posts

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

A SERIES of Facebook posts by Cr Ben Bell criticising Toodyay Shire CEO Stan Scott over the past year has prompted a legal battle in Perth over whether Cr Bell should be required to apologise.

Cr Bell refused Shire President Brian Rayner’s call at last month’s council meeting to stand and apologise to Mr Scott across the chamber for criticising him on social media about a number of issues, including rate rises, legal costs and the shire budget.

Above: Part of a Facebook post by Cr Ben Bell on May 18 last year, the same date as a post that resulted in one of six WA Local Governnent Standards Panel rulings that Cr Bell is appealing against.


‘Bizarre’ shire decision blamed on ‘personality politics’

May 29 interview* by ABC Radio Perth Breakfast Show presenters Nadia Mitsopoulos and Russell Woolf (left) with Toodyay Progress Association Chair Larry Graham the morning after a surprise council decision to allow Shire CEO Stan Scott to keep his job for another 12 months.

RUSSELL: Larry Graham is a former state MP who is now the Chair of the Toodyay Progress Association and Larry we appreciate you being with us this morning.

Now how did you react to this news when you heard about it last night?

Larry: (laughs) Nearly as humorously as I reacted to President Rayner’s comments this morning.

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*Reproduced by permission of ABC Radio Perth.