Ol’ Blind Joe

Gross National Happiness

By Stirling Hamilton

MY WIFE Truth and I went to the ‘Global Conference on Media Freedom’ in London.

Marise Payne, the Oz Foreign Minister, got let in before us even though she’s aligned with those obsessively opposing any investigation of their motives or activities by the press.

Letting Julian Assange rot in the dungeon and recent raids on the ABC and a News Corp journalist have highlighted Australia’s clamp down on media freedoms.

Next in line at the conference, RT (Russian TV) and Sputnik got refused entry and the bouncer took one look at my wife and told us to piss off.

We walked and talked down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and made our way to the pot plant drenched premises of the ‘Bhutan boutique beers’ bar where I had rooms upstairs and we went up to the veranda.

Bhutan is notable for pioneering the concept of Gross National Happiness instead of Gross Domestic Product.

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