Ol’ Blind Joe

Planning tangles

By Stirling Hamilton

I MISSED an opportunity for public input into a shire planning document last month and it seems I was more than a decade late.

My first article for The Toodyay Herald appeared in September 2012.

“The shire’s recently departed town planning officer left a legacy of proposed amendments to Town Planning Scheme No 4 (TPS4) and Local Planning Policies (LPPs),” I wrote.

“The changes to policy E1 ‘Subdivisional development guidelines’ which add the words ‘and leading up to’ to the paragraph outlining a subdividers’ responsibility to upgrade the road fronting the lot have already been passed in a manner reminiscent of the British polical comedy show Yes Minister.

“This is because instead of calculating costs on the road frontage of the subdivision, you would also be up for sealing gravel roads ‘leading up to’ the subdivision.”

“This is calculated at $212,000 per kilometre.

“Despite the potential effect on landowners, they (the changes) were adopted quietly in a manner of which (Yes Minister character) Sir Humphrey Appleby would be proud.

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