Ol’ Blind Joe

Heroin oil rush

By Stirling Hamilton

FORMER US President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezinski said the US meddled in Afghanistan before the Soviet Union’s December 1979 invasion to provoke that outcome.

The Carter doctrine’s cynical objective was to bleed the Soviets by hoping to entrap them in a Vietnam-style quagmire.

The US State Department produced a memorandum in the summer of 1979, more than six months before the Soviets moved their battle tanks in.

“The overthrow of the DRA (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan) would show the rest of the world, particularly the Third World, that the Soviets’ view of the socialist course of history as being inevitable is not accurate,” it said.

Fearing a US-backed fundamentalist pressing against its own border, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in force two days after Christmas that year.

The high number of civilian casualties didn’t faze the architects of the covert US intervention.

“I decided I could live with that,” recalled Carter’s CIA director Stansfield Turner.

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