Ol’ Blind Joe

Poking the Panda

By Stirling Hamilton

I HEAR complaints echoing across the Letters to the Editor page calling for my denunciation and exile to China for seeking to defend that nation’s sovereignty.

I will respond to my detractors with decorum and good grace.

Each morning I watch the news from China, Japan, Germany, France, Al Jazeera, the BBC, ABC, SBS and Russia.

I have an abiding interest in studying the nature of propaganda, and I while away the rest of the day following professors, diplomats, lecturers, journalists, and gifted practitioners of science and religion.

Since former US President Barack Obama’s 2011 announcement of America’s pivot to Asia, I’ve been watching this realignment of forces and words intently.

We appear to be in the middle of a slow-motion Third World War between the US and remaining nations that have resisted American attempts to absorb them into its sphere of global influence.

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