Thankyou for helping Tony

I WOULD like to say thank you to all the people who helped my husband, Tony when he collapsed in the car park next to the Toodyay and Districts Bendigo Community Bank on September 14.

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Mavis Battista
Sawyers Valley

Bank pours more into pool

MANY years ago at the Toodyay and Districts Bendigo Community Bank’s birthday celebrations in the park, everyone present was thrilled with the generosity of the $50,000 presented to the very hard-working swimming pool committee to boost the funds for Toodyay’s much-anticipated and longed-for pool.

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Joseph Mirosci
(address unknown)

Wanton destruction

I NOW know what it feels like to be violated.

My beautiful wildflower-strewn road has been clear-felled all in the name of fire mitigation and traffic management.

Not just a couple of metres but up to the fence line on both sides – at this time of the season when all the wildflowers are in bloom and all the baby birds are nesting.


Sue Eldridge

(Toodyay Shire CEO Stan Scott told last month’s council meeting that most local residents supported the clearing but admitted that shire communications with neighbouring property owners could have been better managed.)

Lasting legacy

I FELT very sad while reading the June Herald article ‘Naturalists farewell founding member’ to note the passing of Ray Paynter.

She was a special person who was a truly knowledgeable, professional lady strongly devoted to her work in bringing about the preservation of our unique flora.

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Donna Jefferson
Herne Hill

Titanic effort

IN MANY contests there can be more than one winner.
Such was the case in the recent Toodyay Recycled Regatta.

The performance of the two boys in Titanic 2 was remarkable.

With such a name, it is not surprising that the boat was quickly in danger of sinking.

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Jack Keay