Carolyn makes it happen

AS IT is almost the end of the year, I must say a big thank you to Carolyn at Toodyay Hardware and Farm (Makit).

Carolyn has been unstinting in her generosity, kindness and care throughout the year and her assistance is greatly appreciated.

‘Above and beyond the call of duty’ is an appropriate statement to attribute to Carolyn.

Thank you so much.

Brigid Giannasi

Plantings pay off

I WOULD like to commend Toodyay Friends of the River for the excellent work they have done in the Malkup Brook nature reserve in Julimar.

Many different kinds of native trees and shrubs were planted several years ago and are now maturing, making a splendid sight for walkers along the water course.

Foresight and volunteer effort have paid off. Well done.

Trish Simms

Repair the Morangup moat

WHEN the shire decided to seal Grandis Road in Moranup, we were pleased but surprised that they had also provided us with a ditch at the Dryandra Road intersection.

The ditch must have been filled with leftover cake from one of Toodyay’s street parties because every time it rains it fills with water and becomes a moat.

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Shan Diver

Glass causes fires

NOT ALL bushfires are started by the thoughtless disposal of cigarette butts.

No, not even by lightning strikes or deliberate lighting by twisted individuals who then turn out to fight the blaze and earn the praise of the community.

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Patricia de Soto-Phillips