Incredibly imresssed by Herald

I RECENTLY picked up a copy of the May edition of The Toodyay Herald in Northam and have now read it cover to cover – almost.

Must say, I was incredibly impressed with the comprehensive content and comment, especially the articles taking the local council to task.

Keep up the good work.

As an acknowledged pedant, I was a bit confused by the back page advertisement* of an auction with “bidding commencing at $600,00”.

Is the comma in the wrong spot or was an additional zero omitted?

John Maloney
South Perth

(*Advertising content is responsibility of advertisers – Ed)

Beyond a joke

OUR SHIRE council is a beyond a joke.

The shire is under State Government investigation and you would think that our elected members would have the community forefront in their minds in every decision that comes to the table.

Why then have they done a complete backflip and rescinded their decision not to offer the current Shire CEO a new contract and instead want him to stay another year?

What has changed?

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Brian Foley
Dewars Pool

Hats off to tip staff

WE READ a lot about what is wrong with our little town, so here are a few words of good cheer.

At our local waste transfer station I always find the staff invariably cheery, helpful and polite.

An uplifting combination. Hats off to Rob Broderick and his friendly gang.

Nina Paterson

Patchwork road menace

HOW APPALLING that Larry Graham has to report in last month’s letters page that he has suffered six broken windscreens over the past two years on Toodyay Road.

If you take a pleasurable drive from Stoneville Road West to Greenmount Hill along Great Eastern Highway, even with the roadworks going on presently, you get a consistent bitumen surface for a largely 80km/h speed zone roadway.

Surely, this is what we should expect to get in pavement standards for a major arterial road?

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Ross Carson

Tow bar rail-jump heroes

I WAS saddened to read Larry Graham’s ‘Windscreen carnage’ letter in last month’s Herald.

My husband and I have only the highest praise for local Toodyay drivers.

Early in May we set off on a three-week caravan trip to the Wheatbelt.

As we crossed the railway line on Racecourse Road our van jumped off the tow ball and the tow frame came to rest under our car.

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Jane Gray

Trash mandatory fee

DEAR Toodyay Shire Councillors.

My name is Sue Bussell, and my husband Ric Jones and I live in Morangup.

We are both disabled and have to use walkers to get around outside.

The agenda item for last month’s council meeting regarding mandatory rubbish collection fees for wheelie bins is not possible for us.

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Susan Bussell


Micaile’s last stop

DEAR people of Toodyay, it’s Micaile’s Petulengro’s goddaughter here.

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to all you folks and friends who are part of the rich diversity that is the community of Toodyay, a town abundant in history and folklore.

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Catherine De Vos

Men’s Shed draws new ticket

TO THE ladies and gentlemen of Toodyay who have supported the Toodyay Men’s Shed.

After the Toodyay Men’s Shed wood raffle in April was drawn the winner has not been able to be contacted.

After numerous attempts, the committee decided to hold a redraw as the fairest way forward.

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Fred Fellowes
Interim Secretary
Toodyay Men’s Shed