‘Morals first’

FOR THE last seven and a half years I faithfully and wholeheartedly committed myself to the Toodyay community and its residents.

It is with a heavy heart that I have chosen to resign from council, but I have made this decision on the grounds I am choosing to put my own personal priorities, beliefs and morals first.

It would have been unfair to the community, and to myself, if I continued to serve the Shire of Toodyay without the passion and commitment I once had.

Toodyay is a beautiful community which I hold very close to my heart.

I will continue to serve Toodyay as a member of the general public, rather than on an official level.

I wish all remaining councillors all the best going forward.

Cr Paula Greenway
West Toodyay

Corridor carnage

IT IS curious that a public outcry and protest prevented the removal of two non-native trees on Anzac Avenue to allow for badly needed safety improvements but the annihilation of 100s of mature Wandoo, Jarrah and Marri trees at Jingaling Brook has caused hardly a murmur of objection.

Main Roads want to continue this destruction with a further 55ha of native woodland destined for the bulldozers and mulchers.

The mantra we hear from them, that is, the justification for this $100,000,000 27km project is road safety but they also tell us Toodyay Road has been identified as ‘strategic transport corridor’.

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Greg Warburton
Safe and Scenic Toodyay Road

Time to pay

HI EVERYONE. I just need to set a few things straight when it comes to the hay and hard feed distribution for the fire affected families in Gidge, Wooroloo and Bailup.

We are now out of the fire emergency stage and getting hay and feed to animals under emergency conditions, so this is where the distribution of this feed will now be changing.

As we need to ensure we keep supporting our local stockfeed suppliers we are asking that if you have not lost bulk amounts of feed through the fire that you start buying it.

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Karen Andrich

Soaring duets

I WAS fortunate to visit Toodyay recently for Music Fest where I attended a delightful and truly magnificent performance at the Anglican Church by a group of fabulously talented and versatile singers.

The program was a credit to organiser Emma Pettemerides and included sets by sopranos Penny Shaw, Harriet Marshall and Emma, tenor, Jun Zhang accompanied on keyboard by Tim Chapman.

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Nevia Medica

Heroes and angels

MY SON and I live in Bailup at the centre of the fire which started on February 1.
We watched as the smoke became darker and thicker.

Kangaroos appeared at the top of the hills and one of the poor roos was on fire. My heart broke and for the first time in my life I wished I had a rifle.

We packed what we could into the Hyundai, which wasn’t a lot – two cats, one bird, the dog, David’s Playstation, plus a few other things.

Then we went and caught the two horses, brought them down from the top paddock and put their halters on.

I had decided to go to Mundaring, but we had only driven 100m down Toodyay Road when we were met by a wall of flames.

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Yvonne and David

Bouquet for Herald’s Sandra

THIS letter is to express how grateful I am for the help Herald graphic artist Sandra Harms gave us in putting our advertisement together.

As I have never placed or designed an ad, Sandra’s service was invaluable.

Sandra is very friendly, and it was easy to communicate just what we wanted, which she then made into an ad we are very pleased with.

The whole team at The Herald should be proud of what they produce and the manner in which they produce it.

Heather Brennan
RSL Toodyay Sub-Branch Secretary

Emergency action saves wife

ON NEW Year’s Day my wife suffered a heart attack in Northam Regional Hospital.

Thanks to the wonderful staff in the emergency department who, after almost nine minutes of CPR and two shocks from a defibrillator, resuscitated her.

I would also like to give special thanks to the two Toodyay ambulance volunteers, Paul and Ross.

Without their medical skills in assessing the situation at home, the outcome would have been very, very different. Thanks guys.

Bob Kermode

Landfill book disgrace

I SPY with my little eye something beginning with GBF of B and T.

Give in? It’s a Green Bin Full of Books and Toys.

Books going to landfill is disgraceful.

With two prisons and a detention camp in our close area, these items should not go to landfill.

Patricia de Soto-Phillips

Civil disobedience

DURING the recent Wooroloo/ Gidgegannup fire many residents disobeyed instructions from traffic wardens and returned to their properties either to mop up fires or attend to their stock.

In my case I had to evacuate twice when our place was in danger of being engulfed but crossed back ‘illegally’ on four occasions to attend to stock on our and the neighbours’ properties.

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Name and address supplied

Rates rebate Paradox

LAST month I received a postage-paid letter from the Shire of Toodyay checking that I was still entitled to the Senior’s rebate on my rates.

This has given me new life because obviously there is some way that the disease of old age that I have can be reversed; all I have to do is find out how that happens, but no-one at the shire can tell me.

Unless I have been singled out for attention, hundreds of others would have received the same letter and because none of us has got any younger, I guess the only course open to us is to fill out the form, pay our rates and think about the wonders of old-fashioned bureaucracies.

Larry Graham

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