Don’t complain – get involved

I HAVE found Toodyay people extremely kind, nice, caring people who love their animals and would do anything to help their friends.

Then there’s the two per cent that are not happy unless they are complaining.

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H. Pitchers

The bleeding obvious

I REFER to last month’s Letter to the Editor – Childish, perilous behaviour – written by a former Northam Town Councillor.

If somebody with local government experience from outside Toodyay can see the bleeding obvious, then our local councillors have an obligation to ratepayers and residents to do something about it.

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Grant Williams

Let us have more like Cr Bell

CONGRATULATIONS to Toodyay Shire Cr Ben Bell and thank you for being so brave, intelligent and a friend to us – the ratepayers.

Well done for standing firm on what you believe in and putting your beliefs into action.

Your statement in the June Herald showing how shire rates could be cut by eight per cent was timely and to the point.


Ben Camenzuli

Honour ’60s bridge pledge

TOODYAY’S 1960s Duke Street pedestrian bridge has been closed after being allowed to fall into disrepair.

As a member of the 1960s rail construction crew, I recognise that the Duke Street bridge was an integral part of the railway’s design as a concession to partially compensate Toodyay for being split by the railway.


Alf Campbell

School bus crash memorial

MANY thanks to the shire gardeners and the Andrijich family from Hoddys Well for the creation of the special garden and Toodyay stone memorial for those killed and injured in the school bus/train crash in 1931.

Although a plaque was held at the school and another near the train station, very few people living in our community today know of this accident, which was one of the town’s greatest tragedies.


Marlene Andrijich

Proud to be a ‘bag lady’

NOW THAT plastic bags are no longer provided in most stores, the Op Shop often has a problem with a lack of plastic or other bags.

Yes, people can be asked to bring their own bags for shopping, but sometimes items cannot or will not be put into shopping bags and other reasons may exist for a lack of bags.


Monika Zechtmeyr

Chitty comment chopped

THE JULY issue of the Toodyay Community Newsletter included Shire Deputy President Therese Chitty’s column, in which she describes her views on “a few paragraphs from the WALGA guidelines that may help those in the community understand what is expected of our elected members use of Social media”.

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Allan Gregory

Gold in them thar hills?

I HAVE done a lot of metal detecting over the years in the Toodyay and Bolgart areas, looking for gold because my grandfather Edwin James Waters had found a few good rocks containing some gold when I was a small child.

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Ron Waters