Marg from the Bank signs off

WHERE do I start to say thank you for the amazing opportunity to have worked in our community bank for the past 18 years?

Not really sure, but I will try and be brief because I could write a whole book.

The time, sadly, has come now for me to step away and I will no longer be Marg from the bank, but just Marg – for the moment anyway.

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Marg O’Sullivan
(Marg from the Bank), Toodyay

More trucks pose real danger

THE PROPOSED gravel pit at Bailup will put 132 more 50-tonne trucks per day on Toodyay

That is a truck every five minutes if spread over 12 hours.

They will join the existing gravel trucks and rubbish disposal trucks, plus the unfortunate commuters and residential users who do not have alternative routes.

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Suzanne Blumer

Mining threatens wildflowers

ALL OUR paddocks now have introduced flowering grasses and today, wild flowers can only be found in our bushland – most of it in bush around Toodyay that is marked for bauxite mining.

Pink Everlastings are starting to come back again – a few on the Dewar’s Pool-Bindoon Road, but there were lots here once, especially half way along the northern boundary of Poison Gully Reserve.

Blue orchids seem to grow in most of our bushlands.

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Ron Waters

True Blue blue

I JUST read in the December Herald about the painting of Bruce Cleasby’s truck that was presented to him by Davina Twine.

I’m sure he would be happy about that.

The article mentioned that several years ago I exhibited a sculpture named Blue Angel.

Just to clarify, my sculpture was called True Blue – no angels involved.

The sculpture of Bruce and his truck sat upon a wooden box which was part of the sculpture and the title True Blue is stencilled onto it.

Margot Watkins

Sad to see her go

IT HAS come as a shock to many people to hear of the resignation of Margaret O’Sullivan from the bank.

Margaret put her heart and soul into her job, which she loved.

She will be sadly missed by the Toodyay community and organisations for all she has done to help those in need.

Thank you, Margaret.

H Evans

She made a difference

PROPERTY in Toodyay sells more because of the town than the house – in other words, potential buyers first fall for the town and then go looking for a house.

When I’m out and about with clients, I love to talk about what the town has to offer – all those things that we residents sometimes take for granted.

The sense of community, the volunteers, and the overall support given often by few for the many.

Take for instance, Marg O’Sullivan, who you may know as ‘Marg from the Bank.’

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Barb Dadd