Hold Shire CEO to account

WITH a new shire president and a number of new councillors elected, Toodyay’s new council team will need some time to settle in.

Because all newly elected and re-elected councillors campaigned on increasing council and shire transparency, the question now is how will the new council deliver this transparency?

Being based in Perth, I have seen the City of Vincent’s approach to its CEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are published in full and publicly accessible on the city’s website.
Given this example, I don’t know what barrier there could be to the Shire of Toodyay doing the same with its own CEO KPIs.

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Bruce Campbell

Toodyay fuel too costly

THANKS to the writer of last month’s letter to the editor regarding local fuel prices.

At least people get a choice in Gidgegannup and the city in general – take it or go to the cheaper outlet.

We cop it tough in Toodyay.

Unless you shop at Coles or Woolworths, (four cents cheaper than Northam prices) it’s much cheaper in Gidgegannup.

Let’s all join the club.

Neil Fancourt

Calling all Nashos

FORMER National Servicemen in the Nashos WA group will have their end-of-year reunion in early December.

The group formed in 2008 with only five members but is growing, with members in all Australian states.

We help to bring ex-servicemen together and form a long-lasting mateship.

The group will meet in Perth’s Gosnells Hotel dining at midday on Saturday December 7.

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Bob McGuire
Nashos WA

Excellent Herald editorial

MY CONGRATULATIONS on last month’s excellent Herald editorial. I am providing it to every member of my widely dispersed family.

Suzanne Blumer

Firies help make school safer

TO THE amazing volunteers of the Coondle-Nunile Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and Captain Nick Griggs a huge and heartfelt thank you for showing that community spirit is alive and well in Toodyay.

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Nat Kielbasa

Ol’ Blind Joe blinkered

FOR YEARS readers of The Herald have had to endure Stirling Hamilton’s views of the world which try to portray him as a philosopher but instead are blatantly left wing and anti-conservative (and indeed anti-freedom) rantings.

His increasing extremism is evident in last month’s article criticising intently democratic nations such as the US and Israel and glorifying the despotic regime that is Iran.

If Iran is such a nice, well-run country why doesn’t he go and live there?

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Paul Michael

Toodyay fuel prices ‘unfair’

HEALTHY competition in Gidgegannup forces the local Shell petrol station to keep fuel prices down in order to compete with the Vibe service station across the road.

Without such, Gidgegannup would suffer the same monopolising price fixing that we see here in Toodyay.

What can be done to force Toodyay’s two Shell outlets to be fairer to this community?

After all, the local servos should be a proud part of our community, not hold us to ransom.

As a frequent user of Toodyay Road, I simply buy enough fuel in Toodyay to get me to Gidge and save a fortune.

I’d love to fill up here and keep my money in the community.

Name and address supplied.

A real community newspaper

MY WIFE and I moved from Victoria 10 years ago and have lived eight of those years in the Avon Valley.

Just recently we had a two-day family reunion and enjoyed the sights, sounds and delightful meals of the Toodyay township and district while staying in several very friendly B&Bs.

The general appearance of your town has improved so much in 10 years, a fact supported by Toodyay winning a Tidy Towns award.

Most of all, our group of 12 who are all Perth based, were amazed at the quality and depth of reporting on local issues and stories in your August copy of The Toodyay Herald; we all agreed it is a real community paper.

Well done.

Our regards for a wonderful season, may the rainfall be plentiful and your publishing eternal.

Peter and Catherine Ledger

Horse saga on the nose

HOW SAD to read Dave Wakeman is being harassed by the shire and a neighbour because of a horse in rural Toodyay.

I am sure there are rules in place but the shire has been known to play loose with the rules on occasions, which it is entitled to do.

For instance, some years ago two non-conforming businesses were allowed to operate within a short distance of each other in Picnic Hill Road.

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Mike Andrijich

World-class opera in Toodyay

CONGRATULATIONS to the organisers and supporters of Opera in the Valley – a world-class, sold-out performance by Emma Pettemerides supported by Tommaso Pollio and Harriet Marshall.

Ms Pettemerides sparkled with a glint in her dazzling eyes, engaging smile and ability to draw the audience.

The repertoire included arias from the Marriage of Figaro and Die Fledermaus and contemporary songs.

It was an absolutely entertaining evening and an excuse to bring out the ‘glad rags’.

The proceeds of the evening went to support the running of 2020 Toodyay Musical Fest.

Toodyay is extremely fortunate to have such an exciting talent as Emma Pettemerides within our community.

Susan Pearce

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