Chinese chequers

WHAT relevance has Old Blind Joe’s latest propaganda promoting the Chinese Communist Party to Toodyay?

I had hoped that after he was exposed over Australia’s defence budget, which he grossly inflated and claimed was directed at attacking our “friends and allies” China, he would in future stick with his usual tedious pseudo-intellectual diatribes.

Even if part of what he claims about the Tiananmen Square massacre is true, the two commentators whose views he promotes differ from the rest of the world’s media which he suggests colluded in an anti-Chinese conspiracy.

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Geoff Appleby
(The Toodyay Herald supports free speech – comments in this letter and by others have been noted – Ed.)

Backward step

WE WRITE to echo and amplify Helen Shanks’ letter in the August Herald.

It is indeed a retrograde step for the broader Avon community including Toodyay to be redistributed into the federal electorate of Durack.

Not only will we suffer all the tyrannies of distance from being part of this huge electorate, but we will also suffer the consequences of having a Member of Parliament who is frankly unsympathetic to the environment.

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Safe and Scenic Toodyay Road

Bleeding to death

ON AUGUST 14 my wife and I returned home to our property in Coondle West at 9am to find a recently shot big grey kangaroo bleeding to death at the end of the driveway near the house.

It was not there at 7am when I fed my alpacas and since the dogs spotted it instantly as they got out of the car, I have to assume it was not there when we left home at 7.45am.

The kangaroo might have been dumped or shot and left to die on our property or it may had been shot on an adjacent property and the badly injured animal made it a short distance to our house.

As the wound was through the eye it must have died in terrible pain as it had bled profusely.

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Richard Wilkinson
Coondle West

Rec centre rocks

ON AUGUST 21 we celebrated Mili/Mike’s 80th birthday at the new recreation centre which was the perfect venue for such an occasion.

Many thanks to venue manager Beck Foulkes-Taylor for her help in answering all our concerns with such ease, recommending the caterers, then setting up the venue to seat 80 guests – she is simply the best.

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Marlene Andrijich

Gas bandit furphy

AT THE risk of becoming tiresome on the subject of fracking and the supposed evils of the fossil fuel industry in general, I feel I must respond to Ol’ Blind Joe’s latest dispatch ‘Gas bandits get trillions’.

There is much to question in his column but in particular the headline notion that the fossil fuel industry is hugely and unreasonably subsidised by the general public must be challenged.

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Peter Edwards
(Retired petroleum geologist)

Seat switch

WITH chaos in our nation and many parts of the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are very fortunate in WA where our isolation sets us apart from many other parts of the country.

Many of us simply go about our leisure, work and business without much interruption, and scanning our SaferWA app or signing in is no great inconvenience.

Being in a state that has real leadership, it’s becoming apparent that leadership at a federal level is missing.

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Helen Shanks

RSL at the gee gees?

LAST month’s Herald article about the plight of the local RSL and their shire-owned shed which is unfit for use has prompted me to make a suggestion.

Toodyay racecourse is also owned by the shire and is only used once a year for the picnic race day.

In lieu of the agreement with the shire for the lease of the shire shed which the RSL cannot use, the organisation should be offered the racecourse building for the remainder of its lease term.

Mitchell Kooiman

Thirsty wait

MAY I congratulate the shire on the new water standpipe recently opened in the main street. Well done.

I wonder however how long it took to install the facility?

Perhaps we can now have the drink fountain in Newcastle Park replaced?

For more than two years I have lobbied councillors and a previous shire president for this to happen but, so far, there has been no communication at all.

Please, can the drink fountain be replaced in time for the coming hot weather.

Let’s get it done for the many people using the park including local school children.

We are all still waiting.

Daphne Lee

Axe claim disputed

BY CLAIMING that I proposed to a WA Parliamentary Select Committee the axing of the Shire of Toodyay and the merging five councils, last month’s editorial and other comments misrepresent my views.

Simply put, I did not propose “that the Shire of Toodyay should be axed to merge five Avon Valley local government authorities into a single new regional council” as The Herald claimed.

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Larry Graham

(Last month’s Herald quoted a December 2019 Page 1 story ‘Call to dump five shire CEOs to form new Avon Valley Council’ which was not disputed at the time by Mr Graham when he was Toodyay Progress Association Chair – Ed.)

Questionable hearsay

I REGULARLY enjoy Ol’ Blind Joe’s diverse and pithy jottings in The Toodyay Herald but his March column has stuck in my craw because it regurgitates some very questionable hearsay about fracking.

The technique of fracking, as used in hydrocarbon exploration, injects fluid (mostly water) at high pressure into deep rock formations to fracture them and liberate tightly bound gas or oil so that the products can be extracted and gathered at the surface just as in normal hydrocarbon production.

Fracking and similar drilling techniques have been used in Australia for decades without notable problem.

Despite this track record many in the community (including Joe) have expressed fears arising from two misconceptions.

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Peter Edwards
Retired petroleum geologist

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