Ambo injustice

RECENT Sunday Times articles about WA’s ambulance service echo widespread local community dismay about the utterly disrespectful way Toodyay members were treated over the shock dismissal of their locally elected St John Ambulance chairperson, Charlie Wroth, last November.

Charlie served 39 years as a Toodyay ambulance volunteer – including as a first responder in hundreds of emergency call-outs – and was made a Member of the Order of St John for “outstanding service” at WA Government House in April last year.

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George Murray

Stick to facts

I AM WRITING this as a private resident of Toodyay, not in my capacity as a councillor, nor does my opinion represent the opinion of the council or the shire.

I have always strongly supported the right of the individual voice to be heard.
It is a fundamental tenet of democracy.

However, that entitlement carries a responsibility to use language wisely and respectfully.
Is a comment an honest respectful appraisal of something seen or read, or an opportunity to be spiteful, cast adverse reflection or to manipulate opinion to serve a deeper agenda?

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Rosemary Madacsi
West Toodyay

Send ‘Ol Blind Joe to China

THE TOODYAY Herald should be embarrassed to publish the one-sided leftist rantings of Ol’ Blind Joe.

Since he continuously makes it clear that he despises capitalism in his regular columns in The Herald, why doesn’t he (as I urged him in a previous letter to the editor) move to that basket-case country Venezuela where the economy and society have been destroyed by socialism.

When he is there, let him enjoy the poverty, oppression and empty supermarket shelves.

Or perhaps he should move to China where he can experience the not-so-blissful anti-freedom and anti-humanitarian communism first hand.

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Paul Michael

Spend a penny

‘WHEN’ is a four-letter word but I can think of others I can use to vent my frustration with the Shire of Toodyay about ‘when’ the drink fountain is going to be replaced in Newcastle Park.

It was removed some time ago (years?) and after many discussions with a former shire president and some councillors much was promised but so far nothing has happened.

Come on shire, replace it. Do it for the kids of Toodyay.

Also, ‘when’ is the men’s toilet in Charcoal Lane going to be reopened?

Recently, when a visiting car club was in town, men were lined up along the road to use either the women’s or disabled toilets when they became available.

It’s very embarrassing for a tourist town.

The shire was recently listed to receive some extra federal funding – let’s spend it wisely.

Daphne Lee

Permit needed to shoot a roo

RECENTLY, I have been talking to a few people who have raised concerns about the shooting of local native fauna, in particular kangaroos.

Can I remind everyone that all native wildlife is protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

It is against the law to shoot a kangaroo for dog food or because it is on your property eating your crops, or because you think it is fun just to kill something.

Permits showing financial damages incurred have to be obtained for shooting to be lawful.
If you witness any unlawful killing it can be reported anonymously.

Brian Foley
Marsupial Mammas and Pappas Chair

Avon ‘Silicon’ Valley?

IN SHIRE archives – perhaps regularly read and considered, or perhaps not – is a report (a long-term planning report if I remember correctly) commissioned by the shire and carried out by American consultants.

And if I remember rightly, the aim of the work and resulting document was to report on what made up Toodyay in terms of population, demographics, the status of local business at that time and recommendations for future planning.

What impressed me in that report was reference to the imminent arrival of the NBN high-speed internet service and how this could make Toodyay a very attractive place to establish a new IT business hub.

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Barb Dadd

Cat carnage

ONCE again we read (The Sunday Times April 17) of the destruction of our unique and wonderful wildlife. Not just by feral cats but also domesticated cats that are allowed to roam free both day and night.

We have personally buried numerous wild birds including a young duck that had been so badly savaged by a cat, which I had shooed off on our driveway, that we had to put this poor creature down humanely.

Our property has become a graveyard, a sad and tragic reminder of the damage that cats can cause.

We implore cat owners to keep their animals contained by keeping them in cat runs or inside or, better still, not have them.

Mel Dodd

Hang on to the magic

WHEN I arrived in WA in March this year, I came having been brought up on a diet of National Geographic films of Australia, the deserts, millions of camels, animals, insects that will sting and kill you, and people living underground to avoid the searing heat.

So, with some trepidation I came to Toodyay, ‘miles out into the bush’.

What a pleasant surprise awaited me.

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Stewart Harrison
Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Suburban Boy goes bush

HI I’M Dave Miller and to quote the ‘70s classic Dave Warner song Suburban Boy, I was a typical suburban boy.

Growing up in the suburbs around Fremantle I never imagined that I would end up living in the Avon Valley.

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Dave Miller

Heritage under threat

THE SUBDIVISION and other developments in the Toodyay Catholic Precinct are in the news at the moment and are matters of huge community interest and controversy (see Latest News).

A display of the subdivision plan and the proposal for demolition of the covered walkway at the rear of the Church will be available for public inspection and discussion in the grounds of the St John the Baptist Catholic Church on Saturday June 13 from 9am to noon.

The display will be held outdoors to comply with current Covid-19 restrictions.

If you have any interest in the future of the precinct, this will be a chance to catch up with what is going and provide your input.

Mick McKeown
St John the Baptist Parish Pastoral Council

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