Growing pains

IN 2011 when I went on council, Facebook and other social platforms were largely unused by my generation and the workings of council were largely unknown within the community.

News was passed by word of mouth and the local paper and we rarely checked if it was factual.

Life seemed simpler and happier.

Today, we are unsettled by politics, division seems rife in the town and the ills of the community have been laid at the feet of a few, which few depends on the point of view.

The overarching sentiment is it was all fine before Facebook, The Herald and an outspoken minority.

I disagree.

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Rosemary Madacsi
West Toodyay

Bridge heritage important

A REAL effort has been put into tourism during the past 12 months with several exciting initiatives underway, including two I coordinate voluntarily for the Toodyay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

They are the Toodyay promotional seasonal videos, with its last video Toodyay in Autumn being filmed now, and a new Toodyay Food and Picnic Trail to be launched next month.

To support the ever-increasing opportunities that flow from tourism, it is important that we value heritage and view it as a key attraction.

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Helen Shanks

Gold on our doorstep

IN THE early days of WA, migrants from the eastern states and overseas came to find gold.

Having spent most of my life travelling around the globe with the Royal Air Force I found my gold right here in Toodyay.

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Allan Henshaw

History worth keeping

AS A relative newcomer to Toodyay (but not to the Wheatbelt) I am informing myself about the history of the Avon Valley.

Currently I’m reading Old Toodyay and Newcastle by Rica Erickson and Toodyay – The Good Old Days by Wally Chitty.

Each a terrific read (recommended), although with different timeframes and perspectives.

It has made me realise how fragile the colony was at times and the tenacity needed to settle and develop the Avon Valley region.

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Frank Farmer

We live in a town that cares

THANK you to the anonymous honest person or persons who collected my purse and handed it in to the police station on March 25.

I had put my purse on the roof of my car before driving away and of course it landed on the road.

What a wonderful and caring community we live in.

Thank you, whoever you are.

Jennifer Clarke

Morangup miracle

OUR sincerest thanks to that dedicated team of very special people on the official opening of the Morangup St John Ambulance facility on March 1.

What a debt we owe, and continue to owe, to those who built and to those who now operate such a skilled and professional service by day and night in caring for us.

Having witnessed this miracle from its inception to that which it provides to our community today, makes me truly thankful to belong among those men and women who are intent on ensuring our welfare.

We are truly blessed. Thank you all.

Peter Kirkland