Mighty Marilyn in driver’s seat

THANK you to the big orange bus drivers of Toodyay for ensuring the children of our community make it to school safe and sound – day in and day out.

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Meagan Oprey

Who’s running the show?

I READ with interest an opinion article, “Council model fails to deliver”, by Laurie Taylor in The West Australian, August 8, portraying the concept of the “corporatisation of local government” titled, “Council model fails to deliver”.

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Susan Pearce
Hoddys Well

Drain danger

TO PARENTS within the River Hills Estate, Nunile.

Recently while planting trees with Dad on his block in the River Hills Estate, we made a disturbing discovery.

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N Kielbasa

Toodyay vet is tops

A BIG bouquet to our local Toodyay (Heartlands) Veterinary Hospital.

As a regular customer and with having a range of animals that require occasional check-ups or specific attention over several years, I cannot find fault.

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Helen Shanks

We suffered drought too

I FEEL very sorry for the farmers in Queensland and NSW who are experiencing a very bad drought.

In all my 86 years, Toodyay has always had a winter.

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Ron Waters