Police chief pulls the pin

AFTER a long five years plus as the Officer-in-Charge at Toodyay Police Station it is time for me to move on.

I have grown fond of Toodyay and can say, hand over heart, it’s a better place now than it was when I first arrived.

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Sgt Warren Conder

Half-sized pool inequitable

I ATTENDED the Shire of Toodyay’s community briefing last October regarding the proposed new recreational centre.

The shire CEO identified that Toodyay needs improved facilities and services to attract and retain new community members, and that a state-of-the-art recreation centre is fundamental to that goal.

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Frank Farmer


Why so few tennis courts?

I AM A great fan of your newspaper.

Please note that I am a Life Member of the Toodyay Tennis Club but am not on any of the committees at the moment and speak for myself.

I wonder why the tennis courts proposed for the recreation centre are so few as at the moment the club has four courts plus use of a public multi court.

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Michael Edwards

More lanes needed for value

THE RESPONSE by members of the Toodyay community to the invitation from the Shire of Toodyay to meet the new Sport and Recreation Project Manager and his team on January 19 was gratifying.

A healthy stream of questions was asked and answered factually and with confidence.

The ongoing debate about the swimming pool and whether we have six or eight lanes continues to dominate that subject.

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Milton A. Baxter


Thanks for helping the Vic

DEAN and Amanda Carter would like to thank some of the local business people who helped over the past 18 months with renovating the newly restored Victoria Hotel and Cellarbrations Bottle Shop which opened on 16 December 2018.

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Dean and Amanda Carter

Clip for a cause

LADIES, now is the time to donate 30-35cms of your virginal hair (no chemicals, colour or other treatments) to help those with Alopaecia Areata.

This is an autoimmune disease which causes hair loss and cannot be prevented or cured.

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Patricia de Soto-Phillips

Tracker’s respect for Ron

I WAS pleased to read the eulogy for my cousin Ron Waters and the article about the Aboriginal tracker in the December 2018 Herald.

It was nice to see the respect shown by the Aboriginal tracker at Ron’s funeral.

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Max Mohr
Safety Bay