Not out to get shire

I’M LED to believe that some of the local bed and breakfast accommodation owners have decided not to provide a copy of The Toodyay Herald newspaper for out-of-town guests to read.

They do this believing that some visitors are here to look around, with perhaps the intention of eventually buying into the lifestyle, and hosts are concerned that what their guests see printed in The Herald about the council may put them off.

Given that it’s the local newspaper’s job to report the facts and not pick and choose what may or may not paint a positive profile, I would strongly suggest it’s not The Herald’s job to promote Toodyay and constantly show the town in a good light when things are not up to scratch.

It’s the people and council’s job to show the town in a good honest light.


Barb Dadd

Unafraid to be howled down

WHAT an excellent and well-researched and presented discussion (in last month’s Herald) on how we the ratepayers could have seen rates decrease by eight per cent only for it to be voted down last month by the same Toodyay councillors who oversaw previous shire budgets.

This in itself means how crucial the current council by-elections in Toodyay’s Central and West Wards will be.

Surely the newly elected councillors will now see more than ever how we need representatives with the same conviction as East Ward Cr Ben Bell, unafraid of being howled down to get their message across that the ratepayers are doing it tough.


Grant Williams

A local treasure

IN MAY 2017 The Toodyay Herald published a story about my great-uncle Max Messenger, a son of Toodyay.

Born in 1922 and raised in Toodyay, he left to join the air force to defend his country when war broke out.

Sadly, he passed away on May 9 at Hollywood Private Hospital.


Leanne Vanderburg

Thank you Toodyay

ON BEHALF of the Leukaemia Foundation I would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to readers of The Toodyay Herald for their incredible support of this year’s 20th World’s Greatest Shave.

The extraordinary people who shaved, cut or coloured their hair plus all their generous sponsors have now raised an incredible $1,693,488 in WA alone.

This will help the Leukaemia Foundation continue to provide its vital services that will make a genuine difference to local families facing blood cancer.


Bill Petch
CEO Leukaemia Foundation