Farmers get raw deal on rates

I FARM a property west of Bolgart in the Toodyay Shire with my husband and sons and upon receiving our rates for 2018/2019 I would like to point out the following.

Last year’s rates for five different neighbouring properties increased by up to 16.8 per cent due to a differential rating system.

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Stephanie Clarke
West Bolgart

Local folks special

A SHORT time ago I was confronted by an event that reinforced my view that the folks in this town are just a bit special.

Cut to the scene: It appears that a chap had collapsed alongside his car in the car park adjacent to the bank and a lady passing by noticed and stepped up.

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Larry Graham

Smoke coming out of our ears

WE WROTE to the Shire of Toodyay CEO and Shire President about our 100 per cent disgust over their claim in August that some of the 60 per cent of local people who signed a recent rates petitions are hysterical and uninformed.

We asked for a public apology, yet neither a letter nor an apology appeared.

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Dr Monika Zechetmayr
and Peter Edwards

Herald market bouquet

THANK you very much for including in last month’s edition of The Toodyay Herald the September Farmers Market item that you received so close to the deadline.

It is much appreciated.

Sandra Cousins
West Toodyay

30cm haircut for a cause

ALOPECIA is a lifelong condition affecting men and women who are unable to grow hair.

Generally they require hair wigs for life and the best wigs are made in New Zealand.

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Patricia de Soto-Phillips