Police Beat

Toodyay meth dealers jailed as heavy- haulage driver nailed for drug-driving

TWO OF Toodyay’s main drug dealers have been jailed after months of good work by police in Toodyay and Midland.

The pair – a man and a woman from Bejoording who had previously lived in the Toodyay townsite and elsewhere – made several court appearances before being jailed in December and January.

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Heavy-haulage drug bust

THE DRIVER of a heavy haulage-truck (above right) tested positive for amphetamines and cannabis after he was stopped by Toodyay police at Bakers Hill last month.

The traffic stop was part of a random 10.30pm police check on Great Eastern Highway near the town bakery.

“The truck driver was fidgety, slurring his words and his eyes were dilated,” Sgt Conder said.

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Christmas blitz

POLICE stopped a total of 1012 vehicles over the Christmas/New Year holiday break, resulting in 38 traffic charges.

Eleven drivers were affected by drugs, 18 had no authority to drive and five were drunk drivers.

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Firearms warning

TOODYAY police are receiving a lot of notifications – mostly relating to local farmers – for failure to renew firearms licences.

Firearms licence records are held in Perth and when an expiring licence is not renewed, local police are asked to investigate.

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Two servo break-ins

Two people believed to be young males (pictured) one  wearing a distinctive red cap – broke into the Shell service station near Newcastle Bridge on two successive nights last month.

They used a pole to smash a glass front door between 1am and 3am on Monday January 8 and Tuesday January 9.

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Truck roll-over

A heavy truck and trailer rolled over on Salt Valley Road near Fernie Road in Hoddys Well last month.

The empty BGC truck from a nearby quarry dug deep gouges into the road surface (below) as it rolled but the driver was unhurt.

The vehicle was quickly salvaged and towed away.