Toodyay’s Bolshy Diva pulls no punches

By Ieva Tomsons

AS A LEADING disability advocate, Coondle resident Samantha Connor (52) criss-crosses the country every couple of weeks but tries to be back home on Thursdays to run scouting spin-off group Toodyay Troop.

This feisty redhead knows first-hand about living with a disability as she has the rare degenerative disease limb girdle muscular dystrophy and uses a wheel chair.

“I’m two years past my life expectancy already but I’m choosing to document myself as ‘slowly living’ as opposed to some others with the disease who blog about ‘slowly dying’,” jokes Samantha who rips into life at 100 miles an hour.

At a recent WA Parliament House rally opposing Voluntary Assisted Dying laws Samantha’s confrontational style made the regular news bulletins.

She regularly crosses swords while texting social commentator and euthanasia champion Andrew Denton and pulls no punches as a panellist on ABC TV’s The Drum.