Thousands brave scorching hot day to revel in 169th Show

Temperatures soared on Show day but that didn’t curb the enthusiasm of thousands of locals and visitors who flocked to Toodyay last month for one of the best country agricultural shows in WA. Bushfire brigade volunteers switched from knocking down traffic cones with high pressure hoses to spraying laughing kids running through the water, while gasping Show chickens cooled off with water on the chookhouse roof. Sideshow Alley (above) was a magnet for kids and the evening fireworks display was the best ever. More photos in digital edition Page 5.

Voters call for change

Toodyay’s new council, (front table, from left): Crs Steve McCormick, John Prater, Danielle Wrench, Charmeine Duri and Rosemary Madacsi. Rear bench: new Shire President Mick McKeown (centre) and new Shire Deputy President Shelly Dival (right).


By Michael Sinclair-Jones

TOODYAY has two new civic leaders with Cr Mick McKeown as Shire President and new Cr Shelly Dival as his Deputy.

Cr Dival topped last month’s shire poll with 663 first preference votes, or 42 per cent of the 1569 ballots cast.

Former shire president Rosemary Madacsi polled second with 290 primary votes (18.5 per cent), and former shire deputy president John Prater filled the third vacancy after a 10-year absence with 220 votes (14 per cent).

More than half of Toodyay’s 3639 registered voters didn’t vote, meaning nobody got more than 18 per cent of all votes in the electorate.

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Large Toodyay no-show for Aboriginal Voice referendum

MANY Toodyay voters appear to have ignored last month’s compulsory Federal Referendum to give Aboriginal people a Voice in Australia’s Constitution.

Of the 1286 votes cast in Toodyay, 75 per opposed the Voice, which was defeated in WA (64 per cent against) and nationally (60).

The local turn-out represents only a third of all electors listed in the Shire of Toodyay.

This excludes postal and absentee votes, which usually accounts for up to 15 per cent.

Contractors blamed for late rates bills, no tip passes, wrong accounts

CONTRACTORS have been blamed for this year’s late shire rates notices, incorrect account numbers and lack of tip passes.

Toodyay Shire CEO Suzie Haslehurst said some other shires, including the Shire of Harvey, had undergone similar difficulties.

Ms Haslehurst said Toodyay rates notices were lodged with the contractor for an Australia Post mail out on September 20 but the contractor was eight days’ late.

This meant instalment dates for part payments had to be changed after the rates notices were sent out.

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Welcome back Dr Akeem

I FEEL I must write to say ‘thank you to all concerned’ for getting our medical centre up and running again and a belated welcome to Dr Akeem and staff.

Having been to Dr Akeem in the past, when he was working in Toodyay for the Wheatbelt Health Network, I felt like I was meeting an old friend.

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Millie Heath

Positive outcomes

CONGRATULATIONS to Toodyay’s two new Councillors and the returned elected member at last month’s Shire elections.

I thank the Toodyay community for their support and votes at the election.

During the past four years, my role as a Councillor has been an incredible experience.

At times it has been all-consuming.

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Susan Pearce
(Former Toodyay Shire Councillor)
Hoddys Well

We made changes

IT HAS been a privilege to serve on the Toodyay Shire Council for the last four years.

Now seems like a good opportunity to share my reflections on that time.

When I was first on Council, I saw the administration providing agendas for meetings that had little or no input from councillors.

For example, annual budgets were initially provided to Council with no opportunity for members to provide strategic input.

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Phil Hart

New way forward

THE VOICE Federal Referendum result last month was swift and clear.

While there was a high ‘No’ result across much of the nation, voters in Teal (Independent) federal electorates and a high majority of Aboriginal rural and remote booths in northern Australia bucked the trend.

In WA, a State Government prosecution against a prominent local resident for an alleged heritage breach was seen as likely to cause a high ‘No’ vote but Toodyay’s result of 75 per cent against was still surprising.

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Helen Shanks

Highs and lows

THANK you to all who have supported me during my last four years on council.

It was definitely a time of highs and lows.

Initial dysfunction in council was overcome and we created a largely harmonious working environment.

We also created an excellent cooperative working relationship with the administration, with council providing guidance to help staff to prepare documents for council.

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Beth Ruthven

Cops return lost wallet

MY HEARTFELT thanks to the very kind and honest person, who handed my wallet into the police station last week.

Everything was fully intact, including all my ID cards, cash and cards.

A big thank you also to the two local police officers who dropped it off to my home.

We are so very fortunate to live in such a caring community.

Jenny Cornwall

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