Weekenders, hobby farmers blamed for sheep killings

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

NUNILE farmer Des Driessen (left) is fed up with stray dogs killing his sheep.

He blames local hobby farmers who he says let their city pets roam onto his property at night and warns that he is laying poison baits to protect his flock.

“The owners come with their grandkids and pets on weekends and none of their dogs are properly trained,” Mr Driessen said.

“This has been going on for years.

“The owners don’t work the land for a living.

“Some keep their dogs tied up all day while they work elsewhere and when they return home at night, they untie their dogs to give them a run.

“The dogs get excited and run onto my property to attack my sheep.

“Others are allowed to roam loose at night when their owners visit on weekends.

“You can’t blame the dogs because it’s their natural instinct to chase and kill prey.

“It’s the owners’ fault.

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