Vandals smash shire grader

Toodyay road repairs have been delayed by at least eight weeks after vandals damaged a grader (right) at the town’s local racecourse.

A glass door was smashed to gain entry to the locked vehicle and the contents of a fire extinguisher sprayed over the grader’s control panel and interior.

The weekend vandalism occurred last month while the grader was parked overnight at the shire-owned racetrack, about three kilometres from Toodyay townsite.

The grader is one of three operated by the Shire of Toodyay and costs $4500 a month to lease.

Two are used for year-round repairs to gravel roads – including those used by local farmers to carry grain and livestock to market – and the other for shire road construction.

Toodyay Shire CEO Suzie Haslehurst said the damaged grader was insured for $280,000.

However, it would take up to two months to order new parts from overseas.

Local police said they are investigating.