Ukraine invasion likely to affect farmers

LAST month’s Russian invasion of Ukraine in likely to result in higher fertiliser, fuel and herbicide costs for Toodyay farmers. The price of wheat and canola – already at near-record highs – is also expected to rise due to US-led trade sanctions against Russia.

By Frank Panizza, Toodyay Agriculural Alliance

The war in Ukraine, although a long way from home, has ramifications right here in Toodyay.

The tragedy of the needless loss of life and suffering is obvious, and economic impacts will be widespread and will be felt worldwide.

Ukraine and Russia export a very large amount of grain to world markets.

The two countries export on average 60,000,000 tonnes of wheat all via the Black Sea, often referred to as the Black Sea ports.

The passage from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean, and then to world markets is via a narrow straight situated near Istanbul, which in places is only 300 metres wide.

The Black Sea ports export 30 per cent of the world’s wheat, easily eclipsing Australian  wheat exports (pictured above at Esperance).

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