Thrills and spills expected as heavy rain swells river

Fast-flowing floodwaters submerge Toodyay’s Cobbler Pool campsite where hundreds of competitors, support crew and spectators were due to sleep overnight on Saturday August 14 for this year’s annual Avon Descent river race from Northam to Perth. Organisers say they have contingency plans to shift campers to higher ground and are expecting record race times after weeks of heavy rain.

By Daniel Yong

HUNDREDS of competitors have entered this month’s Avon Descent river race through Toodyay as recent heavy rains and rising water levels promise an action-packed weekend on August 14-15.

The event includes an annual International Food Fair and Family Fun Day in Toodyay on Saturday August 14.

Rising water levels flooded the Cobbler Pool overnight camp site at the start of this month and threatened to submerge local bridges.

Toodyay officially recorded 154.2mm of rain in July (see Page 29) but some nearby rural properties reported totals of more than 300mm, making it one of the wettest months in decades.

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