Ten years since catastrophic inferno

Toodyay ablaze at the height of the devastating December 2009 bushfire in which 38 homes were destroyed.

Toodyay Historical Society
Robyn Taylor

THOSE of us who lived in Toodyay at the time are painfully aware 29 December 2019 marks 10 years since Toodyay experienced a catastrophic bushfire.

According to a report on the recovery process, prepared as a power-point presentation to Fire Emergency Services Association by the local recovery coordinator in 2010, 38 homes were destroyed, more than 70 were severely damaged and another 100 homes suffered some damage.

Sheds and other structures were also lost or affected by the fire that burnt nearly 3000ha of land.

There was massive media coverage, not just across Australia but also overseas and as a result Toodyay was overwhelmed with goodwill.

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