Shire declares Toodyay a road freight ‘choke point’

A large semi-trailer is forced to cross into the path of oncoming traffic to travel across Newcastle Bridge after having to crawl around five sharp right-angled bends through residential streets on Toodyay’s ill-suited temporary heavy haulage truck bypass.

TOODYAY will continue to press for a new heavy haulage truck bypass around the town after being told recently that it is not on Main Roads WA’s current works agenda.

A new bypass was listed fourth on a list of five Toodyay Shire Council priorities in 2016.
It resulted in minor roadworks on the existing route, which has five right-angle bends on busy local residential roads.

New shire councillors voted last month to raise a new town bypass to top priority.
WA’s road funding authority was told that Toodyay is a road freight “choke point”.

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