New JPs needed to sign police warrants and witness forms

TOODYAY needs new Justices of the Peace young enough to sign police search warrants.

The only local JP who is qualified by age to do that is former shire president Brian Rayner (right) who is planning to be away from Toodyay on an extended holiday in coming months.

Two other local JPs – Max Heath and Jeff Roberts – are both older than the legal 75-year age limit for signing police warrants.
Without younger JPs, Toodyay police will need to travel to Northam or beyond for a signature required by law for search warrants, which could impede criminal inquiries and enable offenders to escape.

Mr Rayner said he was normally asked up to three times a week to witness statutory declarations which have no age limit and can be signed by Toodyay’s two other JPs.

But they were unable to sign police warrants, which Mr Rayner said was usually required two or three times a month.

Two or more new younger JPs could share the community responsibility by working to a roster so that that someone was always available to assist police in their work.

“It would suit a reputable person with good community standing,” Mr Rayner said.

JPs are appointed by the State Governor who authorises them to carry out a range of official administrative duties in their local communities.

For more information about how to become a JP, visit the WA Justice Department online.