Minister gets final report on Toodyay inquiry findings

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

A REPORT on a long-running State Government inquiry into the Shire of Toodyay has been finalised and sent to WA Local Government Minister David Templeman for action.

The Minister is expected to table the inquiry’s findings in State Parliament on one of nine scheduled sitting days left this year, starting on Tuesday October 13 and ending November 19 before parliament rises for its summer recess.

An 11-month probe last year by three State Government investigators from Perth examined the operations and affairs of shire administrators and councillors over a seven-year period to December 2018.

The shire was headed during that period by former CEO Stan Scott (above, left) who resigned last April after taking two months extended sick leave at short notice just hours before the start of the council’s February meeting.

Three remaining councillors who served during the seven-year inquiry period are former shire president Brian Rayner (above, right), former shire deputy president Therese Chitty and Cr Paula Greenway.

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