Mining rate rejection leaves $200,000 budget black hole

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

STATE rejection of a new Shire of Toodyay rate to pay for damage caused by heavy mining trucks on shire roads has left a $200,000 black hole in this year’s budget.

The State said the new rate was several times higher than ever before charged in WA and that councils did not normally adopt budgets without first getting State approval to charge more than twice their lowest rate.

Councillors voted 6-0 in August to raise rates by 3700 per cent on ‘unimproved’ farmland covered by 36 local mining tenements, increasing it from 0.014170c in the dollar to 0.541912c.

The higher rate aimed to cover the cost of year-round repairs to gravel and other roads damaged by heavy mining traffic, including in Julimar where Chalice Mining owns nine farms and operates 10 mining tenements (pictured above).

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