‘Absolute powder keg’ in inquiry report

Discredited former Toodyay Shire CEO Stan Scott (left) and former shire president Brian Rayner, who failed to control reckless spending and still sits on the council.

Councillor accuses new CEO of ‘half-arsed’ response to report recommendations

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

FORMER CEO Stan Scott has been slammed for financial mismanagement, failures under local government law, conflict of interest and unethical conduct in 14 of 25 adverse findings against the Shire of Toodyay tabled in State Parliament last month.

A report on a 20-month State Government inquiry also says shire councillors failed to comply with local government regulations when they voted 9-0 in 2013 to sue two former civic leaders in a botched WA Supreme Court case that cost ratepayers $550,000 in lost legal fees.

Councillors were also castigated for failing to properly manage the former CEO’s behaviour and actions over a seven-year period examined by the inquiry.

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