Ol’ Blind Joe

Gremlins shemozzle

By Stirling Hamilton

I PAID a thousand bucks for my laptop but a five-year obsolescence feature built into it kicked in last month and it died.

Charitably, The Herald gave me a retired old Windows desktop computer but I’ve encountered more gremlins in it than there are gargoyles in Gotham City.

I’d saved everything six months ago on a USB thingy but the data transfer to my new machine was disappointing.

My photos used to be in groups such as stonework, timber, furniture, etc. but now I’ve got 48,514 shuffled photos with no rhyme or reason to be found.

Same with my documents which were grouped by country or subject but are now lost meandering in digital cyberspace.

It’s a bit like owning a dictionary without the first letters – the words are there somewhere but you gotta go through the whole book to find what you are looking for.

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