Guidelines for writing

How to contribute articles about club activities, news, for The Toodyay Herald 

All items should be emailed to

All emails should include a contact name and phone number, preferably mobile.

Articles and stories should be written in Microsoft Word and emailed as attachments – The Herald is unable to accept articles that are handwritten or saved as PDFs.

Please write the name of your club or organisation in the subject line, eg:

Toodyay Miniature Railway

Every article should start with a byline and, if appropriate, position title, eg:

Toodyay Miniature Railway

June Eastwood, Secretary

Articles should be no longer than 600-700 words – longer articles will most likely need to be cut to make room for other stories.

Try to make your articles as interesting as possible for general readers and catch their attention by starting with the most important or colourful part of your story.

If you need to include thankyous, leave it to the end (like a movie) rather than start your article with with a long list of credits that may lose readers before they get to the main part of your story.

Always start each sentence as a new paragraph because it’s easier to read in narrow newspaper columns and saves production time for sub-editors.

For more information about writing articles, please see Toodyay Herald Style Guide.

The monthly Monday deadline for articles and stories is printed at the bottom of Page 2 in each month’s Toodyay Herald.

If an event occurs after the article/story deadline but before the following weekend, you may be able to arrange late inclusion by calling Assistant Editor Meredith Neilsen on 9574 2106 before noon on the Thursday (preferably earlier).

The Herald is published on the second Thursday after the article/story deadline (ie: 10 days later) – when promoting future events, be sure it’s not out of date by the time the paper comes out.

Accompanying photos should be at least 400KB file size (Internet and Facebook images usually too small to reproduce in print). If sending via smartphone, always select “largest file size”.

Each photo should be emailed as a separate attached file, not embedded in a Word document or PDF.

Coming Events

Where articles appear in BLUE click on the link to see more details
Emergency WA - Smoke and other Alerts
Emergency Alert advice is available HERE
Emergency Information HERE
Toodyay's radio station 'the heartbeat of the community' now on air.
Now open - cut out your coupon for free coffee and cake
Now open Saturdays from 9am to noon. 9574 5055.
Toodyay Miniature Railway
1st and 3rd Sundays. 9574 4462. 
Wednesdays 4pm, Fridays 9am. 9574 4184
From Saturday, October 28, 4-6pm. Artists Revolution, 226 Fitzgerald Street, Northam.
November 30 - Darlington, November 28, Glen Forrest. 9298 9100
Friday November 10, Bookings 9574 6255
Wednesday, 22 November at 5.30pm for AGM and 6pm for Festivities, Coorinja Winery
Saturday, November 25. 0428 957 600 or 6574 2390
Tuesday, November 20 from 10am to noon at Freemasons Hotel. Helen Shanks 0419 580 016.
Friday, December 1, 2017 from 6.30pm
Sunday, December 3 from 9.30-noon. Swan Park Theatre, Midvale. 9574 4459



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