Citizenship disgust

I WAS recently on a long holiday visiting family in the UK but tried to keep abreast of what was happening back home.
I must say also that I missed our wonderful country more than I expected, especially my home place near Toodyay.
However, I just wanted to express my disgust with this whole issue of citizenship and political life.
Also, the miserable opportunists out there who are trying to unsettle, even unseat, good people on any side of politics who have committed to Australia and public life.
We are a nation founded on immigration, and those of us who sought and obtained Australian citizenship mostly did so to express a commitment to our new home country.
Few of us thought of what limitations might be placed on us because we didn’t ‘renounce’ our previous citizenship,
and often consciously retained it out of respect for our forebears in the ‘old country’.
We proudly welcomed our children born here into the world as Australians only.
Does this make us less able or suitable to serve our country through public office?
We can after all fight for it if we wish – and many do – or serve as police officers; or is that another constitutional loophole waiting to be exploited?
Had to get that off my chest, it’s been bugging me.
Richard Hazlewood

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