Crs should talk to us more

NEXT month’s Toodyay Shire Council elections are once again coming around.
Perhaps we should consider them carefully as they are important to what happens in our town of Toodyay.
These are the people who dictate your rates, the general rules we operate under, who prioritise what is important in the shire and who decide if your requests to the shire are implemented.
Consider this: have you had a councillor call at your house and ask for your ideas or opinions lately?
How often have you spoken to one of the councillors and offered your ideas or opinions?
Do you even know who your local ward councillors are?
No – well then we must assume that we have councillors representing us who do not know what you or I want to really happen in our town and shire.
If our councillors are not putting forward our ideas or opinions, whose ideas are they putting forward?
They may be putting forward their own particular agendas or representing a small group of their friends.
This is not representing you or me.
I think many of us would like to have open discussions with our council representatives from time to time, either by visits or councillors being available for a couple of hours each week.
So perhaps in future councillors should make more of an effort to communicate with Toodyay folk and find out what they really want for their town and shire.
Also, we as electors, should be more aware of those we vote into office.
In this way perhaps we will grow to be a forward-thinking town with confidence in our elected representatives.
Fred Fellowes

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