Advertising in the Herald costs less

AFTER deciding reluctantly last month to increase our advertising charges because of higher production costs, we are now delighted to discover that we can knock 10 per cent off those prices thanks to a recent inquiry to the Australian Tax Office.
This is because The Toodyay Herald newspaper is owned by a not-for-profit incorporated association with an annual turnover of less than $150,000, which makes it GST-exempt.
The ATO has confirmed that our growing number of advertising clients don’t have to pay an extra 10 per cent GST to promote their products and services in The Herald.
This saving is in addition to our regular 25 per cent discount for Toodyay’s many not-for-profit community organisations, which we offer in recognition and support for their valued role in our community.
Six times cheaper
Advertising in The Toodyay Herald is six times cheaper than in other local newspapers and your ad remains current for a whole month instead of only a week or less when published elsewhere.
In addition, Herald readership has risen at least 60 per cent in the past four years, which means your advert is far more widely read than in other local publications which have much smaller local distributions.
Our performance contrasts with Roy Morgan Research which shows that readership of other papers such as The West Australian, The Weekend West and The Sunday Times has fallen 28.8 per cent in the past three years.
Advertising in other local newspapers sends your money to giant media companies owned by multi-national corporations and major financial institutions that compete to make higher profits for their shareholders.
Advertising in the not-for-profit Herald keeps your dollars in Toodyay where it is reinvested locally to help keep you better informed about everything that goes on in your local community.

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