Herald disappoints

AFTER reading last month’s edition of The Toodyay Herald, I needed to write and let the paper know how disappointed I am with its reporting regarding the Toodyay Shire Council.
It seems that the only reports on the shire are of a negative nature.
I am sure that the shire councillors would agree that they have made some regrettable decisions, which would be the case with most shires.
I would like to see The Toodyay Herald publish some positive articles regarding the shire.
For example, the commencement of eight new Butterly Cottages aged-care units that should be completed in June 2018.
The completion of the community depot known as the Toodyay Junction which houses many varied community groups.
Funding for the upgrade of Anzac Memorial Park which will be completed in time for the 2018 celebrations (with the loss of no trees).
Lobbying to help save the AvonLink.
Continuing lobbying of the State Government for the Toodyay bypass.
The financial help to local groups to the value of $50,000 as per 2016/17 budget.
I know that a local real estate office distributes copies of The Toodyay Herald to customers that are looking to relocate to our wonderful town.
I think it would be nice that they can read that the shire is trying to better our community.
I also would like to know why our local dentist Michael McGuinness was not acknowledged in The Toodyay Herald for his AM when he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday honours list?
Out of the 21,000 dentists in Australia, Michael and another dentist from Queensland received this prestigious award.
We should be so proud and privileged to have such a wonderful dentist in our town.
I feel it was very remiss of the Herald not to report on this wonderful achievement. It should have been a front-page article.
On a positive note, thank you for the great story on Josephine Broderick in the last edition.
Great to read about wonderful people like Mrs Broderick, who I have known all my life, who have contributed to making our town the fantastic place that it is.
Serena Syred
Ed: All but one of the above items was covered in ‘Our Shire News, which the Toodyay Shire Council discontinued in June. The Herald published additional news stories that included $110,000 in shire funding for Anzac Memorial Park (August 2016), shire lobbying for a new heavy-haulage route (November 2016), Butterly Cottages construction (February and March (2017), AvonLink Supporters Group (June 2017) and a Page 3 picture story on Toodyay dental surgeon Michael McGuinness listing his achievements over a long and distinguished career to win a national medal (December 2013). The Herald is staffed by volunteers who rely on community members to provide news – we were not told about last October’s Queen’s Birthday award until several months later, by which time it was no longer news.

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