Spend a penny

‘WHEN’ is a four-letter word but I can think of others I can use to vent my frustration with the Shire of Toodyay about ‘when’ the drink fountain is going to be replaced in Newcastle Park.

It was removed some time ago (years?) and after many discussions with a former shire president and some councillors much was promised but so far nothing has happened.

Come on shire, replace it. Do it for the kids of Toodyay.

Also, ‘when’ is the men’s toilet in Charcoal Lane going to be reopened?

Recently, when a visiting car club was in town, men were lined up along the road to use either the women’s or disabled toilets when they became available.

It’s very embarrassing for a tourist town.

The shire was recently listed to receive some extra federal funding – let’s spend it wisely.

Daphne Lee