Herald disappoints

AFTER reading last month’s edition of The Toodyay Herald, I needed to write and let the paper know how disappointed I am with its reporting regarding the Toodyay Shire Council.
It seems that the only reports on the shire are of a negative nature.


Why no shire centre pages?

IT IS disappointing that the Shire of Toodyay seems to have stopped providing readers of The Toodyay Herald with information about its activities.
Where have the regular Shire of Toodyay centre pages gone?


Mural just doesn't cut it

I AM DISAPPOINTED with the design shown of Toodyay’s first public mural.
Part of this, admittedly, is due to my personal antipathy to the naive school of art it follows but mostly it is because of the ‘white Anglo male’ attitude it seems to perpetuate.


Cullalla caper

I ENJOYED reading Ron Waters’ account of the Cullalla Train robbery in the May edition of The Toodyay Herald.
I would add that the money stolen was destined for Midland rail station officers, permanent way gangs, coal stage workers and engine crews.


Not so fast on public mural

PLEASE LET’S slow down choosing a picture for Toodyay’s first public mural in Charcoal Lane (last month’s Herald) and not make a hasty decision.


Coming Events

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Emergency WA - Smoke and other Alerts
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Emergency Information HERE
Now open Saturdays from 9am to noon. 9574 5055.
Toodyay Miniature Railway
1st and 3rd Sundays. 9574 4462. 
Friday, 18 August at Wild Goose. Tickets 9574 6255
Toodyay RSL AGM
Saturday, September 9 at 2pm, Lesser Hall
Toodyay RSL Street Stall
Friday, September 15, IGA



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