Shame on you Bat

BAT IN the Belfry, the words you have chosen for your piece in our beloved community newspaper’s May edition are both incendiary and divisive. 

Shame on you.


Councillors' pay 'obscene'

I WAS surprised to read The Bat’s comment in last month’s Toodyay Herald regarding the extraordinarily high level of allowances that the shire president and councillors have awarded themselves. 

I was under the mistaken belief that one volunteered to be a councillor but it now seems that by snagging a seat on council you become a taker not a giver, unlike the rest of volunteers in the shire – firies, ambos and all the other organisations that make a community, who put in their efforts for no reward other than the satisfaction of a job well done.


Licence to print money

I ALWAYS enjoy Ol’ Blind Joe’s insights and reflections on world events through the eyes of a long-term resident of Toodyay. 

So, when he leapt from the inside cover to the Letters Page I was keen to read. 


CEO diatribe strikes sour note

MORANGUP residents attended a Toodyay Shire information session at the community hall on April 29. 

We went along and were not impressed with the way CEO Stan Scott ran The Toodyay Herald down.


Tourism not sarcasm please

I WRITE in response to Stirling Hamilton’s letter in last month’s Herald about tourism and the colour of Toodyay stone.

 “Droll” is not a word I would use for a serious problem (encouraging tourism) and referring to someone cutting out serious sculptures as “some dude” but, you are you – of course.


Absolute top day out

MOONDYNE Festival, over for another year – an absolute top day out.


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