Former Shire CEO, council slammed in inquiry report

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

FORMER Toodyay shire CEO Stan Scott (left) has been slammed for costly financial mismanagement, conflict of interest and unethical conduct in an official report tabled in State Parliament today.

More than half of the report’s 25 adverse findings after a 20-month State Government inquiry are that Mr Scott failed to manage shire finances and resources, breached local government regulations and breached the shire code of conduct with condescending and offensive behaviour.

The report also said previous councils – including under former shire president Brian Rayner (above right) who still sits on the council – had failed under local government law to conduct its relationship with Mr Scott as an employer towards an employee.

The report details Mr Scott’s role in four botched court cases that cost ratepayers more than $670,000 in legal fees, much of it to a firm that employed Mr Scott’s son.

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