Church says historic buildings to stay

Commercial development plan includes sale of 1903 convent for ‘mixed business’ purposes

By Michael Sinclair-Jones

THE CATHOLIC Church says plans to subdivide and sell four large historic buildings on land currently zoned for ‘mixed business’ at Toodyay’s eastern entrance will not include demolishing the buildings to make way for commercial redevelopment.

The announcement eases the concerns of local residents and parishioners who feared the century-old buildings could be bulldozed and replaced by commercial businesses such as vehicle smash repairs or fuel storage, or turned into backpacker accommodation.

“To get an idea of what a mixed business zone looks like, you need look no further than the strip of businesses on the right along Stirling Terrace from the entrance to the town to the Goomalling Road turn-off,” local resident Mick McKeown (pictured standing left of John Clarke) said.

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