Payback is a bitch

I AM NOT a scientist but I can put two and two together – these are my thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mother Nature is kind and giving, and she gives us all we need to survive on planet Earth.

It seems to me that when Man (notice I didn’t use the word ‘mankind’ as I find more and more that some humans are not that kind at all) preys upon nature’s most vulnerable endangered animals, Mother Nature dishes out payback.

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Dave Miller

It really pays to shop locally

I ALWAYS complete the IGA survey after shopping in Toodyay because I believe the store does a great job and it’s how I can show my appreciation.

I recently received a $100 IGA gift card as a prize for my reviews in their February competition.

Thank you very much.

Barry Keens

Stop free fuel

USE OF ratepayer-funded vehicles by shire employees was raised at the council’s February meeting.

Monthly accounts include fuel purchases from places outside the shire such as from Yanchep, Muchea, Joondalup and Stratton – the list goes on.

Shire staff who live outside Toodyay have employment contracts that provide not only a ratepayer-funded vehicle but also fuel.

This practice must stop.

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Graeme Buchanan

Very special thanks to Freda

I WOULD like to say a very special thank you to Freda Richardson for the countless Saturdays she has worked with me at the Toodyay Op Shop.

Lynette Hooks

Dudga collaboration

LOVING the collaboration and sense of community in Toodyay.

A solid example is the recent discussion regarding a concept design for a joint lookout project at Pelham Reserve overlooking Toodyay (Dudja, meaning mist).

The Noongar Kaartdijin Aboriginal Corporation recently met with the Water Corporation, the Toodyay Naturalists’ Club, Toodyay Friends of the River, Toodyay Historical Society and the shire reserves management team and all agreed to work closely on the planning.

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Helen Shanks

Dishing up bad service

CUSTOMER service. That is what we expect in return for paying for goods or services.

In reality what we actually receive often falls short of our expectations but the majority of us have become accustomed to letting it slide.

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David Cornforth
Vernon Hills

Eye-opening walks

I NORMALLY drive from one parking space to another when doing business in town but on a whim I walked.

The cafes, shops and pubs are colourful and inviting and a hello on the street always gets a reply and a bit of conversation.

Even the litter bins tell you a story so I must do it more often.

I wonder if anyone else feels the same, deciding to walk up and down Stirling Terrace instead of driving

Now I know why visitors do the walk. The heritage buildings are alive and tell also of days gone by.

Barry Keens

Why are we waiting?

THE PEOPLE responsible for the management of the current roadworks on Toodyay Road appear to have lost sight of the purpose of the upgrade being to aid passage of vehicles to and from Perth.

The seven to eight minute time phase on the stop light in both directions is excessive, particularly when very often there are only a few vehicles travelling in one direction and no one is using the one lane for much of that time.

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Kerry Gregory
Dewars Pool

Singing in the rain

IT’S RAINING. The Marri trees told us it would.

After a long hot dry summer, is there anything in the world quite so gorgeous as constant gentle drizzle hitting the tin roof and perfuming the air we breathe.

It’s all rather hard to bottle but as we all know, for those who hear and smell it, the memory lives on.

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Barb Dadd

A step back in time

I RECENTLY received an invite to ‘step back in time’ and attend a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Connors Mill.

Being a past staff member, I am one of the few who served under all five managers.

It was an excellent evening and congratulations must go to all involved especially Margie Eberle the shire museum curator and to Beth Frayne for compiling the historical booklet which highlights all five main eras of the mill.

We all realise the wonderful deed that former Crs Mac Wroth and Ted Davey did when, with community support behind them, they managed to save the mill from demolition.

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Alison Wroth

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