Monkey business

I WRITE after reading with concern the March Herald’s article detailing discussions our shire councillors had about sitting fees.

The comment “if you don’t pay enough, what do you get” reminded me of the saying “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.

Experience shows that ambulance officers and bush fire fighters volunteer their time and services to attend incidents at all hours of the day and night.

Referring back to the quoted comment, does this mean you are not getting top-quality personnel because our ambos and fire brigade members are only volunteers and are not paid?

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George Murray

Heads should hang

WHAT a different Anzac Day it was this year bought on by the circumstances that Covid-19 has forced upon us.

It was pleasing when we attended Anzac Memorial Park that afternoon to pay our respects that many people had also visited during the day and many wreaths had been laid at the base of the cenotaph.

After viewing the wreaths, we noticed and were appalled, after checking twice, that on Australia’s most important day, the Toodyay Shire had not bothered to attend and lay a wreath.

We were then taken aback by the absence of the Australian flag not flying at the council offices.

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Charlie Wroth

Missed by a skerrick

I WAS doing some work in town for a friend recently and, when we had finished the job, I looked for my phone.

My friend said he’d last seen it on my trailer, but it wasn’t there.

I had been careless.

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John White

Thoughtfulness thanked

THE TOODYAY Op Shop volunteers sincerely thank each and every one of you for not leaving donations at our door as per our request.

Your thoughtfulness and consideration of our welfare is very much appreciated.

Just like everyone else, we are really looking forward to opening again and will certainly do so just as soon as we can.

In the meantime, if you are tidying up and de-cluttering, please remember that we are not able to take electrical items and only donate things that are clean and in good condition.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ina Prior
Toodyay Op Shop President

Lighten up Toodyay

YOU MAY have seen the recent campaign for Lights of Toodyay on the Let’s Talk Toodyay Facebook page.

The idea is to get as many Toodyay residents as possible to get out their Christmas decorations and redecorate their gate, fence, letterbox etc. with lights, tinsel, messages of hope or anything creative with the purpose of putting a smile on someone’s face.

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Name and address supplied

Gopher Samaritans

I WOULD like to give credit to three Toodyay residents who helped me last month when I was in a difficult situation.

I was proceeding to town on my gopher to do some Saturday shopping when I had a puncture on Julimar/Harper Road.

I stopped, wondering what to do because I had no mobile phone and was unable to walk home.

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David Eyres

Payback is a bitch

I AM NOT a scientist but I can put two and two together – these are my thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mother Nature is kind and giving, and she gives us all we need to survive on planet Earth.

It seems to me that when Man (notice I didn’t use the word ‘mankind’ as I find more and more that some humans are not that kind at all) preys upon nature’s most vulnerable endangered animals, Mother Nature dishes out payback.

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Dave Miller

It really pays to shop locally

I ALWAYS complete the IGA survey after shopping in Toodyay because I believe the store does a great job and it’s how I can show my appreciation.

I recently received a $100 IGA gift card as a prize for my reviews in their February competition.

Thank you very much.

Barry Keens

Stop free fuel

USE OF ratepayer-funded vehicles by shire employees was raised at the council’s February meeting.

Monthly accounts include fuel purchases from places outside the shire such as from Yanchep, Muchea, Joondalup and Stratton – the list goes on.

Shire staff who live outside Toodyay have employment contracts that provide not only a ratepayer-funded vehicle but also fuel.

This practice must stop.

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Graeme Buchanan

Very special thanks to Freda

I WOULD like to say a very special thank you to Freda Richardson for the countless Saturdays she has worked with me at the Toodyay Op Shop.

Lynette Hooks

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