If roos were mice

BRIAN Foley’s letter to the editor last month stated that it is illegal to shoot a kangaroo.
This statement is inaccurate and is likely to be misleading to the general public.

Farmers – indeed all property owners – in large areas of WA, including the Shire of Toodyay, are permitted to manage damage caused by fauna (specifically kangaroos) without requiring a licence from the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions.

Western Grey kangaroos may be shot quite legitimately by farmers according to Regulation 104 of the Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 2018.

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Kerry Gregory
Dewars Pool

Facts missed

I HAD a letter regarding the killing of kangaroos published in last month’s Herald.

There are some facts that were not included in the letter.

Permits from Department Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions are required if the carcass will be removed from the property.

If a native animal is causing economical damage, then it can be killed without seeking a permit.

Killing for fun or non-economic reasons is unlawful.

Brian Foley -Chairperson
Marsupial Mammas and Pappas Inc.

Kangaroo check

IN A LETTER to the Editor in last month’s Herald, Brian Foley stated that it is illegal to shoot kangaroos without a permit.

This statement is incorrect and misleading.

According to State Government Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 2018, all landowners including farmers are permitted, under certain conditions, to shoot kangaroos.

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Allan Chitty
Dewars Pool

Awesome wonder out yonder

AS A LOCAL, it’s probably best to frequent your favourite Toodyay cafe, restaurant and shop during the week because there’s no room on weekends.

What an awesome sight the last few weekends have been, domestic tourism at its best.

Excited and inquisitive groups, families and couples wandering the streets, cameras clicking, long lines and a rush for any vacant table. This warms my heart.

We are becoming that uniquely country experience – a day trip from the city.

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Helen Shanks

Spectacular response

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you all for a ‘spectacular’ response to the call for all your old specs.

You can be assured that they have gone to a prison where inmates are trained to repair and re-assemble spectacles that are provided to organisations such as the Fred Hollows Foundation and Barefoot Surgeon to help people in Third World countries.

Patricia de Soto Phillips

Wood Samaritan

AFTER collecting firewood in my front paddock and struggling to load some heavy bits onto a ute, I went inside for a coffee before unloading.

The dogs started barking so I went outside and saw a ute at the front gate and a man walking down the driveway.

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Helen (surname supplied)

Ol’ Blind Joe beats Murdoch

I’M A BIG fan of Ol’ Blind Joe because his facts and humour give you a chance to look at the world’s events in a different light, which must be appreciated by many.

So, my advice to last month’s Herald letter writer, Paul Michael, is to avoid getting over excited.

I avoid Murdoch media (The Australian, Sky News, news.com.au, Foxtel, etc.) for not asking politicians important questions and going off subject and sensationalising the trivial.

So, I don’t watch or read their news.

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Ron Pyle

Ambo injustice

RECENT Sunday Times articles about WA’s ambulance service echo widespread local community dismay about the utterly disrespectful way Toodyay members were treated over the shock dismissal of their locally elected St John Ambulance chairperson, Charlie Wroth, last November.

Charlie served 39 years as a Toodyay ambulance volunteer – including as a first responder in hundreds of emergency call-outs – and was made a Member of the Order of St John for “outstanding service” at WA Government House in April last year.

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George Murray

Stick to facts

I AM WRITING this as a private resident of Toodyay, not in my capacity as a councillor, nor does my opinion represent the opinion of the council or the shire.

I have always strongly supported the right of the individual voice to be heard.
It is a fundamental tenet of democracy.

However, that entitlement carries a responsibility to use language wisely and respectfully.
Is a comment an honest respectful appraisal of something seen or read, or an opportunity to be spiteful, cast adverse reflection or to manipulate opinion to serve a deeper agenda?

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Rosemary Madacsi
West Toodyay

Send ‘Ol Blind Joe to China

THE TOODYAY Herald should be embarrassed to publish the one-sided leftist rantings of Ol’ Blind Joe.

Since he continuously makes it clear that he despises capitalism in his regular columns in The Herald, why doesn’t he (as I urged him in a previous letter to the editor) move to that basket-case country Venezuela where the economy and society have been destroyed by socialism.

When he is there, let him enjoy the poverty, oppression and empty supermarket shelves.

Or perhaps he should move to China where he can experience the not-so-blissful anti-freedom and anti-humanitarian communism first hand.

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Paul Michael

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