Worst injustice

IT IS with great sadness and sorrow I write this letter in support of former Toodyay St John Ambulance Chairperson Charlie Wroth after his very unfair sacking by the organisation’s hierarchy.

They need to get out into the real world where all the work is done by volunteers who are unpaid.

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Daphne Lee

Appalling treatment

I HAVE been a volunteer with the St John Toodyay Sub-Centre for more than 35 years.

In the years I have worked with Charlie Wroth he has always shown a high level of professionalism and commitment to the St John Ambulance Association.

As a volunteer Charlie has given far more than the community should expect.

Charlie was always available to help and trained new volunteers and played a pivotal role in the successful operation of our centre.

I am disappointed and appalled at the treatment Charlie has received from an organisation I was once proud to work for.

Lyn Somers

No comprehension

I AM Charlie Wroth’s sister and would like to express my thoughts on his dismissal by St John Ambulance.

This followed the Emergency Services Volunteer Forum in Northam on July 3 hosted by the National Party at which he expressed comments and concerns.

This action by St John says a lot about the organisation.

It shows a complete lack of comprehension by paid employees of St John to the work, commitment and sacrifice of the organisation’s volunteers.

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Jan Hocking

How dare they?

I AM EXTREMELY disappointed to lose from our volunteer family a man that I truly admire, who inducted me into the Toodyay St John Ambulance.

Charlie Wroth was always there to offer advice and training, answer queries or just make a phone call to ask if I was OK after a potentially disturbing ambulance call out.

How dare St John management (paid employees) treat so badly one of their most dedicated volunteers who has given years of unpaid service.

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Liz Boston

Confidence lost

I HAVE been a member of the St John Ambulance Toodyay Sub-Centre for about four years in a non-operational role as a weekend and relief phone coordinator.

The phone coordinators for the Toodyay sub-centre take calls from the State Communications Centre.

We are told the priority of the job, priority one being the highest for patients with possible life-threatening injuries or health issues – blue lights and sirens.

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Heather Appleby

Punished for speaking out

I FIND it very difficult to understand how a man who has been a servant of this community for decades can all of a sudden be stripped of his dignity and status by people who do not know him.

As a vollie, Charlie Wroth has been a pillar of this community with his commitment and generosity to both the firies and ambos.

So far we have not been given any legitimate reason as to why he is being punished for speaking out and questioning the workings of St John Ambulance (SJA).

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Dave Cornforth
Majestic Heights

Very poor and unfair

REGARDING the removal of the Toodyay Ambulance Sub-Centre chairperson by St John.

Three things.

Firstly, my condolences to Charlie and his family.

They have been treated very poorly and unfairly by St John.

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Wayne Fletcher

Sacked in secret

TOODYAY St John Ambulance Sub-Centre members heard of Charlie Wroth’s sacking via an after-hours email.

No reason was given and we remain uninformed.

Charlie and all other sub-centre chairpersons have been directed to remain silent, leaving Charlie open to scrutiny and personal defamation.

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Kerry Fletcher

‘Ol Blind Joe eyes wide open

I FOR one am glad for the alternate perspective and well-researched, lesser-known information offered by Stirling Hamilton in his Herald column Ol’ Blind Joe.

Historic and present-day manipulation of other countries and atrocities perpetrated in our name by the powers that be lead to generations of hatred.

No matter how much you dislike the customs of another culture, two wrongs don’t make a right.

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R. Barker

Headphones help memory

WE WOULD like to express our sincere thanks to the Toodyay Lions Club for their generous donation of $500 to purchase 11 Digitech Rechargeable Headphones for members of the Toodyay community who are living with memory loss/dementia.

The headphones with in-built FM radio, microphone and SD Card (to record music) are proving to be a huge success with the local recipients.

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Angi McCluskey
Memory Café

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