Why aren’t cameras working?

I’D LIKE to ask the Toodyay Shire Council whether the CCTV cameras that are installed in the town’s main street and skate park area are fully operational?

As most are aware, there was a serious incident in the main street on August 19 which involved a car being stolen and rammed into two other innocent drivers, one of whom was injured enough to warrant a trip in the ambulance.

I’ve been informed that the camera which is directly above the incident out the front of the Toodyay Public Library does not work.

Therefore, vital footage required to prosecute the car thief is not available.

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Brenton Chrimes

Rate rise is the last straw

FOR THOSE who believe the latest rate rise (for me personally it was not 2.5 per cent but seven per cent) is the straw that broke the camel’s back and I would like to simplify this reasoning.

The first straw is the Federal Government which taxes your income, adds GST to almost all goods and excise to every litre of fuel you purchase.

The next straw is State Governments that tax you with stamp duty, utility costs and constant increases, such as vehicle licence fees for your car, truck or trailer.

Now this rate increase.

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Gary Nelmes

Fantastic local coverage

MY NAME is Rod Christian, brother of the famous Bret Christian who owns the Subiaco Post.

In 2013 my wife Glenda and I bought a property in Toodyay.

We visit almost weekly and stay there for breaks.

It’s a great little town and we love the ambience.

We have been reading with much interest The Herald which provides fantastic coverage of the goings-on in Toodyay, particularly the council fiasco.

I noticed recently that The West Australian newspaper is also featuring articles on the problems regarding councils not doing their jobs.

Rod Christian

Edith is Toodyay’s Angel

IT IS not often that you meet someone who is so genuinely caring, selfless and giving but I recently met that person in Toodyay at my mother’s funeral.

I realised soon after that meeting that Toodyay is blessed with an angel and her name is Edith.

I cannot put into words how much Edith has helped me after the sad passing of my mother.

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Arna Sternberg

Lucky to have Sean

MANY thanks to The Herald and Ieva Tomsons for last month’s story about Christmas shop owner Sean Byron.

We are so lucky to have business people like Sean in our community.

I am still missing his partner, our beautiful Richard Walkey, who was more than just a local GP but a true friend.

Sarah Magee

Cheers to a memorable day

THE WOOD Family of Coorinja Winery is grateful for all the support we received for our Celebrating a Centenary Open Day.

Thank you to everyone who attended and shared the day with us, making it such a memorable occasion for Coorinja.

Coorinja Winery

Cancer support appreciated

THANKS for the article in last month’s Herald about the new Cancer Supportive Centre at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

It was much appreciated.

Melissa Pickering
Cancer Council WA

Deaf, blind or what?

SHIRE councillors voted 6-2 to raise shire rates by 2.5 per cent from 1 July 2019.

Without transparency, this increase is unsupported, contravenes information to the public and lacks acumen by all parties who voted for this increase, especially in light of last year’s increase and as revenues from that are apparently unaccounted for.

Question 1: Where do the inflowing revenues go? What is the spending scheme? When will we be given believable transparency of shire spending?

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Dr Monika Zechetmayr

Essential reading

LOCAL government has always been troubled by some councillors having agendas which don’t always have the good of the community in mind.

The responsibility of councillors is not to be taken lightly and those who work hard in the community’s interest should be appreciated.

However the culture of secrecy allows some dubious decision making.

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Kelvin Hutcheson

‘Silent majority’ misinformed

LAST month’s Herald letter from the Frayne family claiming to represent a silent majority needs some clarification for the silent minority.

The letter’s claim about the “dedication of our volunteer councillors” is not correct.

All councillors in WA – except those who opt out – receive a monthly payment.

Lists of payments published online show that the Toodyay Shire President gets paid $3450 a month, the Deputy President gets paid $1599 a month and the remaining seven councillors each get paid $1180 a month.

So, as anyone can see, there are no “volunteer councillors” in Toodyay.

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Graeme Buchanan

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