Ol’ Blind Joe just can’t see

ALONG with probably the majority of regular Herald readers, I can’t be bothered reading the Marxist propaganda of Ol’ Blind Joe (OBJ) each month; his by-line is appropriate and his other faculties are also questionable.

However, Alan Henshaw’s letter last month in response to OBJ’s previous pro-China diatribe prompted me to have a glance at the column.

Then a local farmer whose business is being severely damaged by the Chinese barley tariff told me of his grave concerns that a well-respected Wheatbelt newspaper should express support, and even adulation for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

A glance was all it took to convince me The Herald should check Mr Hamilton’s contributions for veracity before publishing his outlandish statements and incoherent misinformation.

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Geoff Appleby

VINO lifts spirits

LAST month’s VINO art exhibition at Coorinja Winery helped bring new joy to our community in what has been a difficult year for many local people.

It was an on-again off-again project as Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions crushed many arts and culture events with devastating consequences across Australia.

The Arts Toodyay committee sat down in July to talk about this year’s VINO.

Last month’s annual Toodyay Picnic Races were cancelled so where was Arts Toodyay with VINO?

Do we take the risk?

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Margaret Sommerville
Treasurer, Arts Toodyay

Leave him alone

AS SOMEONE interested in various aspects of local government I have applauded Toodyay’s high voter turn-out rate (Toodyay Herald, December 2017).

I like The Herald but a matter becoming irksome is that paper cannot mention Cr Brian Rayner without the ad nauseum insertion of the barb that “no one voted for him”.

It is not his fault that no other candidate stood and it is to his credit that he threw his hat into the ring.

Perhaps other readers feel as I do.

Can you imagine where you’d be if there were no candidates?

Alf Campbell

China blind

THOSE who do actually read Stirling Hamilton’s monthly Ol’ Blind Joe diatribes in the The Toodyay Herald will have noted his comments on China; a nation he regards as a ‘friend’ as opposed to that harbinger of all evil, the United States.

His piece in last month’s Herald where he dismisses the threat of China is simply dangerous thinking.

Does he really believe the propaganda emanating from China?

Is he really willing to discard the protection of the US, a long-time ally, for the honeyed promises of a communist dictatorship that is now trying to bully us into line?

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Allan Henshaw

Sean was right

I WAS overwhelmed by the way our whole community responded to last month’s Arts Toodyay’s VINO exhibition at Coorinja Winery – it surpassed all previous events.

Firstly Sean Byron of Christmas 360 who encouraged us to go ahead with this year’s VINO and gave us a donation to cover the immediate costs and the major prize.

Sean told us our community needed this event to lift its spirits during this strange year – how right he was.

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Ruth Silvester
Acting-President, Arts Toodyay

Shoalwater fans hail Herald

EACH month a friend visits me in Shoalwater and brings me the latest Toodyay Herald.

There is always something of interest for non-residents and I was amazed to learn that it is compiled by volunteers and is a not-for-profit community-run newspaper.

With local newspapers closing their doors or now publishing only online, Toodyay residents should be very happy that they have such a high-standard free paper providing local news.

I am not the only fan of the paper in Shoalwater as a neighbour is always keen to know if I have finished reading it.

It would be fantastic if retrenched or retired journalists in the Rockingham area could get together to produce a similar newspaper to The Toodyay Herald.

Richard Prosser

Heartening win for community

THE RECENT decision by the Toodyay Shire Council to refuse an application to demolish a walkway that connects the local Catholic Church to an adjacent heritage-listed convent building is a win for the community and for governance in our town.

The decision to refuse the demolition application and for council to adhere to its own planning policy was carried 7-0.

Councillors stood firm in their resolve to follow their own policy despite the shire’s consultants and initially the shire’s administration recommending that demolition could be supported.

The developers may still get their own way via an appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal.

Despite this, our councillors have demonstrated a firm desire not only to adhere to shire policies but to work together co-operatively, something for which they should be commended.

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Frank Panizza
Friends of the Toodyay Catholic Precinct

Porter did his duty

I WOULD like to reply to Richard Hazlewood’s letter ‘Voter betrayed’ in the August edition of The Toodyay Herald.

It seems that Mr Hazlewood does not understand the duties and responsibilities of Christian Porter in his capacity of Attorney General of the Commonwealth.

In addition to the duties of a normal Member of Parliament, a minister in the Federal Government swears an oath to faithfully perform the duties required for the portfolio.

The Attorney General, as first law officer of the Commonwealth, is obliged to defend the Australian Constitution and it is normal for the Commonwealth, through the Attorney General to intervene in any dispute before the courts that involves the Constitution.

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Bruce Dann

Fitness classes cancelled

IT IS with much sadness and disappointment that I have to let you all know that Fun and Fitness exercises will not be resuming on Wednesday September 2 as previously thought.

We are unable to resume safely this month because WA’s Covid-19 restrictions have not been lifted.

I am bitterly disappointed that is the case but we will resume as soon as possible.

Stay safe everyone and keep on exercising at home.

Daphne Lee

Voter betrayed

AN OPEN letter sent to Federal Attorney General and local MP Christian Porter.

I HAVE been a committed Liberal voter since arriving in Australia in 1972.

In 48 years, I have never missed an election at Federal, State or Local Government levels and have always voted for the conservative option.

I should add that I have always admired your own contribution both when in State Government and subsequently in Federal Government.

In these exceptional times, I believe our Prime Minister is doing a wonderful job but must also acknowledge my admiration for (WA Labor) Premier Mark McGowan.

It saddens me to say this but if the Federal Government continues to push an agenda for (Queensland mining magnate) Clive Palmer, who has been no friend to the Liberals, regarding the WA border closure, then I shall have no choice but to refuse the Liberals my vote at the next Federal Election.

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Richard Hazlewood
(The Federal Government has since withdrawn from the High Court case ‒ Ed.)

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