Unwanted box seat

THERE is nothing like having a mineral discovery made on your own doorstep to sharpen your interest.

The palladium/gold oxides discovery on private farmland off Keating Road in the Julimar area is apparently of world significance, palladium being such a useful mineral with a value above that of gold.

While mining in WA has boosted the economy and provided jobs and infrastructure, it’s hard to consider the benefits from a closely located position.

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Lyn Dyke and John White

How cool is our pool

OUR POOL – is so cool.

Having waited 57 years for our pool, I can finally say it is brilliant.

A thousand thank-yous to all, who in many and various ways, patiently persisted in making it a reality.

Margot Watkins

Poking back at the Panda

OL’ BLIND Joe appears to want us blinded by his perceptions, but not having his column space to respond to his lengthy and apparently ‘learned’ statements in the December Herald, I respond only to a few issues.

Education: Are Toodyay people really uneducated and unable to understand, comprehend and think for themselves?

Mr Hamilton states this arrogantly by citing his watching of international TV on both SBS channels which must be a full-time occupation.

It’s an incredible accomplishment watching two channels simultaneously and understanding at the same time two different languages. Congratulations Mr Hamilton.

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Dr Monika Zechetmayr

Calling all choristers

OUR TOWN is blessed with many vocal and instrumental music makers.

A perfect example is the Toodyay Music Fest where visiting and local musicians are given a rousing response.

We could also have a classical music option and to this end, I invite singers who want to perform oratorio-style choral works to become members of a new choir.

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Patricia De Soto-Phillips

Inexcusable actions

THE CLAYTON’S inquiry into the Shire of Toodyay is totally what you would expect if you did not want to find those responsible for this debacle to be brought to account.

The Minister for Local Government listed 25 adverse findings yet has taken no action against the former CEO, councillors at the time and administration, making it a total waste of ratepayer/residents’ money again.

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Graeme Buchanan

Drop kick diplomacy

I HAVE just read Old Blind Joe’s October column on China and the influence on Australia by a communist regime that is our biggest trading partner.

I find the simplistic, goading responses by others a tad scurrilous in relation to the woes our Federal Government has brought upon itself and our country.

I feel for local exporters caught up in Canberra’s tit for tat dispute with China, knowing how much our national economy needs certainty for its international markets.

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Peter Harms

Fledgling peril

I HAVE noticed many Magpie babies dead on the road.

The reason they are getting killed is because motorists are mainly of the impression that they will fly away on hearing a vehicle.

These young Magpies have yet to learn the dangers and road rules, so would it be too much to ask all motorists to take care if you see a mob of Magpies on the road.

It doesn’t take much to slow down, toot or go round them.

So please be aware and save our wildlife – that goes for Bobtails as well.

Sue Eldridge

Use it or lose it

IT SEEMS Tony Lush (November Herald Letters) expects our IGA to be a convenience store and have the lowest prices, an unlikely combination in a small town like Toodyay and the reason none of the major supermarkets have a store here.

Profit is reward for risk and the risk in establishing the business would have been considerable.

Apart from supplying a large variety of goods, store owners Amanda and Dean Carter provide employment for a lot of young and young-at-heart people.

They have also built extra premises so that anyone who wants to take a risk and open a business has a place available.

If everybody decided to shop elsewhere and we lost our IGA, it would be devastating for Toodyay.

Mike Andrijich

No sticker shown

THIS is a note to the driver of a white Toyota Triton who parked in the disabled parking spot behind Toodyay Post Office, without the benefit of an ACROD sticker, thereby preventing me from legally parking there.

As I have limited mobility, it was extremely difficult for me to access my post box.

I trust that in future you will not need to use an ACROD sticker, but if you do, I hope that you will not be left in the predicament in which you left me.

Jo Sutton

Herald, TPA vindicated

I HAVE visited Toodyay for many years and taken an interest in Toodyay happenings and have often read The Herald.

Recently I read and heard several residents/ratepayers complain about the negativity of articles in The Toodyay Herald and the campaign by the Toodyay Progress Association (TPA) against the previous councillors and the previous CEO.

It was expressed that these actions were affecting the wellbeing of councillors and the CEO.

It was also claimed to having had a damaging effect on the attractiveness of Toodyay as a place to settle.

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Nevia Medica

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