Singing in the rain

IT’S RAINING. The Marri trees told us it would.

After a long hot dry summer, is there anything in the world quite so gorgeous as constant gentle drizzle hitting the tin roof and perfuming the air we breathe.

It’s all rather hard to bottle but as we all know, for those who hear and smell it, the memory lives on.

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Barb Dadd

A step back in time

I RECENTLY received an invite to ‘step back in time’ and attend a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Connors Mill.

Being a past staff member, I am one of the few who served under all five managers.

It was an excellent evening and congratulations must go to all involved especially Margie Eberle the shire museum curator and to Beth Frayne for compiling the historical booklet which highlights all five main eras of the mill.

We all realise the wonderful deed that former Crs Mac Wroth and Ted Davey did when, with community support behind them, they managed to save the mill from demolition.

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Alison Wroth

Can’t they read?

IT SEEMS that some people need an adult education course in reading.

The Nottingham Track south of Duidgee Park is a designated Emergency Track Only, not to be used by unauthorised motorised vehicles other than those providing emergency assistance/work.

However, there are many drivers who are either unable to read or believe they are the emergency vehicles.

They drive up and down this track in the belief that they are above the law or are specially endowed with inalienable rights.

An education program or penalty payments need to be handed out.

Dr Monika Zechetmayr

Great night for great cause

HUGE congratulations to Jaquie Broadwood for putting together a fabulous fundraising quiz night on January 25 at the Memorial Hall in Toodyay.

The night involved an enormous amount of organising by Jaquie and in such a short amount of time.

All money raised was donated towards bush fire recovery charities.

Good on ya Jaquie for a great night for a great cause.

Jan and Mick Rogers

Chris led in time of crisis

IT WAS sad to hear about Chris Firns’ passing.

He was someone who always had Toodyay’s interests at heart.

I would like to record the following and express thanks for Chris’s actions on the first and following days of our catastrophic bushfire in 2009.

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Dr Robyn Taylor
Professional Historian (MPHA)

Overwhelming support

ON BEHALF of my family and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to write to The Herald to thank those in the community who have supported me after my dismissal as a volunteer for St John’s Ambulance.

We as a family have been overwhelmed with the kindness and compassion shown towards us during these past difficult months.

We are amazed at the lengths of concern that some have shown and their continued support.

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Charlie Wroth

Farmers Market thanks Herald

ON BEHALF of the Toodyay Farmers Market Committee I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at The Toodyay Herald for your ongoing support for the markets.

We are coming up to our fifth anniversary this April and without people like yourselves supporting us, this milestone would not have been achieved.

So again, thank you one and all.

Sue Wakka
Public Officer
Toodyay Farmers Market Committee

We have your back Charlie

IT IS with heartfelt thanks I am writing this to the supporters of Charlie Wroth.

There are too many of you to thank personally for your individual efforts but please be assured you are all in our hearts and minds.

As Charlie’s sister, I was stunned to hear of his treatment by St John Ambulance WA (SAJA).

He was shattered.

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Barb Thomson

‘Horrific’ death for tame roo

IN THE early hours of 29 December 2019, my friend’s kangaroo Free Beer was tragically run over and killed on West Toodyay Road.

My friend Debbie Dymond adopted Free Beer and Bunji two years ago and raised them by hand on her property in Wooroloo.

The kangaroos had to be fed at four-hourly intervals and Debbie basically put her life on hold for two years to raise these beautiful creatures.

Last month Debbie moved to a property on West Toodyay Road to fulfill her dream of ‘rewilding’ her kangaroos.

Tragically Free Beer wandered onto the road and was killed in horrific circumstances.

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Sara Whincup
Kalgoorlie WA

Tossed onto scrap heap

AFTER more than 30 years of volunteering as an ambulance officer, Charlie Wroth has been tossed on the scrap heap by St John Ambulance’s paid officials.

We tried to find out why our colleague was removed from his position as president of the Toodyay sub-centre last month and sacked from the organisation as a whole but hit the brick wall of bureaucracy.

We were told the reasons for his dismissal were “confidential” and that was as far as we got.

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George Murray

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