‘Silent majority’ misinformed

LAST month’s Herald letter from the Frayne family claiming to represent a silent majority needs some clarification for the silent minority.

The letter’s claim about the “dedication of our volunteer councillors” is not correct.

All councillors in WA – except those who opt out – receive a monthly payment.

Lists of payments published online show that the Toodyay Shire President gets paid $3450 a month, the Deputy President gets paid $1599 a month and the remaining seven councillors each get paid $1180 a month.

So, as anyone can see, there are no “volunteer councillors” in Toodyay.

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Graeme Buchanan

Proper, fearless newspaper

I THINK it was the New York Times newspaper that coined the phrase ‘All the news that’s fit to print’, and that’s exactly what The Toodyay Herald does.

I’m sick of people saying the paper is bringing our town into disrepute.

Just read it – every page has a positive story about local people and local community and sporting groups.

It’s simply a great place to live.

I send copies of to friends in Perth and interstate and get nothing but positive feedback.

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The Badger (Richard Hazlewood)

Keeping buyers informed

I AM INTRIGUED by local real estate agent Tony Maddox’s request that The Herald “stop the negative comments in the paper”.

Surely industry standards require prospective buyers to be informed about important sales factors such as shire rate increases, a formal State Government inquiry and turmoil in council ranks?

Why then ask that The Herald shield readers from that information?

Kerry Gregory
Dewars Pool

A child’s plea – stop rubbish

WHY DO people put rubbish on the road?

I saw a man who was sad who didn’t like picking up your rubbish.

It is pollution, and I was mad and didn’t like it.

Dear people stop putting rubbish on the ground.

I do not like it. People please gather around and stop it.

Age 5, name and address withheld

Bridging the gap

WELL done Shire of Toodyay for resolving the issues of the Duke Street Bridge after so many years of neglect by successive State Governments.

As one of the workforce which put the railway through the town, I appreciate what an important concession the bridge was in the matter of bisecting the town.

It heartens me that the bridge will soon be available for the local people and Toodyay visitors.

Alf Campbell

Hospital transport bouquet

I WOULD just like to say thank you to the new St John Community Transport Service when I recently had to travel every weekday for six weeks to the QEII (Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital) for radiation treatment.

Every day a driver would take me to the hospital and wait while I had treatment.

Sometimes this was 10 minutes but sometimes an hour.

I had not worked out how I was going to get to Perth every day, then I remembered this new service and I was most impressed.

I called in to the sub-centre and made an early booking, so it was all easily organised.

Thank you to the drivers and all involved.

Warren Hall

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